3 Most Common Mistakes on Facebook Marketing, and How to Fix

You have a Facebook Page with a lot of content, but nobody is engaging with it. You run advertisements, but cannot seem to land sizeable leads. Your ad cost is so high, you’re losing money for every customer you get.

If you are saying Yes and nodding repeatedly right now, you are not alone. Too many businesses are finding it difficult to get a sustainable foothold on Social Media. And it doesn’t help that there isn’t a Philip Kotler of Social Media Marketing we can all rely on.

Social Media is so new and moving so fast, that by the time a book of a theory comes out it would be obsolete. So every industry leader in this field is doing well by experimentation.

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Set Up Shopping on Instagram with These 4 Steps

The evolution of Instagram was quite impressive. When it started off as a simple photo-sharing platform, it never expected such a strong adoption among brands. Today, it has become possibly the largest catalog of products and services in the world.

With over a billion monthly active users as of 2019[1], Instagram is primed to become a massive shopping platform.

Just last week, Instagram released an initial white paper explaining the details of their upcoming digital currency, Libra[2]. When active, Libra plans to be the default medium for all transactions within Facebook’s family of apps.

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Facebook Is Replacing 7 Old Metrics For New Ones In April

Every now and then, Facebook improves its Ads Manager reporting tools to deliver more accurate information. Sometimes it’s in response to users’ behavioral changes, other times it’s because their AI found new ways to make reporting better.

By the end of April 2019, Facebook is dropping some major reporting overhauls that will help marketers and advertisers. This includes the improvement of a few well-known metrics and introduction of new ones.

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6 Signs You’re Wasting Your Facebook Ads Budget

The mechanics of advertising on Facebook is as easy as it has ever been. The ultimate goal for the company is to continually break down barriers of spending on ads, so they can make more money from us.

But what Facebook cannot seem to replicate, at least for the time being, is the human touch in advertising. That little bit that tells us we are spending too much or that we are not reaching the right target audience.

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Social Media Predictions for 2019

2018 has been an incredibly wild ride for Social Media. First, Facebook announced that they would start deranking the visibility of Pages in order to bring back more ‘meaningful interactions’ among users.

Then, Facebook itself got caught in possibly the greatest scandal to ever hit a social media company. And to try and drown all the negative news, it went on to release a long list of features and services throughout the entire year which further complicated the mechanics of the game.

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