Data Visualization with Excel 2016 New Chart (Part 1)

If you have been keeping up with the new features with Excel 2016, you should realize that a lot of the traditional chart especially 3D chart has been secretly removed (in fact it is being discontinued) from your Insert Chart command. Instead Microsoft has good news for you, new charts. They are definitely better and easier. I remember back then, I struggle hours just to create waterfall chart, and not just that, to create it, maybe I’m fine. But, to maintain it …. It’s a “ oh no “ situation !

3D charts that has been discontinued from the Insert Chart command.

The visual below is the screenshot capture using Excel 2007.

Let’s begin to get to know the new awesome charts.

I. Waterfall chart

So, finally Microsoft has heard our prayer. They came out with Waterfall chart option and now finally everybody can insert waterfall chart at ease.

Waterfall chart is a great way to visualize your monthly/quarterly/annually cash flow. Below shows an example of how waterfall chart looks like if you have not seen one. The look very similar as column chart, the only different is the middle column are mostly floats. Continue reading “Data Visualization with Excel 2016 New Chart (Part 1)”