The 4 Fundamental Questions to Creating Content For Your Brand

As Social Media as a platform reaches maturity, it is increasingly harder for brands to gain visibility. Old methodologies used by incredibly successful companies before are no longer effective today.

As of early 2018 Facebook made a bold move to drastically reduce the visibility of brands’ posts in favor of their users. Despite knowing this as old news, brands still find it difficult to adopt a new style of content marketing that actually works.

Perhaps it is the resistance to change that is holding them back. Or maybe they know something has to be done, but don’t actually know what.

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7 Things Brands Should Avoid Posting on Social Media

All brands are told to be more human on social media. We were encouraged to express our individuality and vulnerability. But just because we are told to be so, doesn’t mean we will not be judged critically by our audiences for certain wrong steps.

Take for example Elon Musk’s endless Twitter rants in early 2019 that landed him a $20 million fine[1], which evidently was the final straw in a string of blatant Tweets by the Tesla and SpaceX owner.

While there are many things that we as brands can and should share with our audiences, there are some sensitive topics that probably should be tucked away behind curtains. 

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Why Every Company Needs a Media Department

If you were born and possibly worked in the time before the Internet, you would have seen the days when businesses were focused simply on making the best products and selling them to customers.

Very little or no education was involved. Knowledge itself was a Unique Selling Proposition that should never be given out for free. When it was required, they came in scripted advertisements with heavy lighting and makeup.

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Social Media Predictions for 2019

2018 has been an incredibly wild ride for Social Media. First, Facebook announced that they would start deranking the visibility of Pages in order to bring back more ‘meaningful interactions’ among users.

Then, Facebook itself got caught in possibly the greatest scandal to ever hit a social media company. And to try and drown all the negative news, it went on to release a long list of features and services throughout the entire year which further complicated the mechanics of the game.

What this taught us as brands relying on Social Media as source of business and branding, is just how unreliable they can be. But however scary they may seem, we cannot deny that all of the world’s attention revolves in their sites.  Continue reading “Social Media Predictions for 2019”

8 Incredible Ways to Use Instagram Highlights For Your Brand

Instagram, at its conception, was meant to be a clutter-free alternative to Facebook. It was very good at doing one job, and didn’t need to impress anyone else with fancy glitter and half-baked functions.

But since the introduction of Stories, Instagram was able to again ride a new wave of expanded usage. The simple idea of impermanence seemed to have created so many positive effects among creators and users, most importantly in bringing the term ‘Social’ back to social media.

Brands have been seeing their content views and engagement thrive again in Stories, creating a stickiness that was lost so long ago in Posts. As users begin moving most of their attention away from the mess and clutter scattered across Facebook, there is an inherit pressure for Instagram to be more than it is but also not too much that it becomes another Facebook. Continue reading “8 Incredible Ways to Use Instagram Highlights For Your Brand”