The Future of IT – 5 Trends in Tech that will shape the Next Decade

When we were hit by the pandemic back in 2020, the world has gone through one of its biggest disruptions and we have been forced to adapt our very way of life. This has only further driven the inevitable move towards digitization at an unprecedented pace.

Studies show that responses to Covid-19 have brought forward the adoption of digital technologies by several years. This is especially true in developed Asian cities where technology adoption is 10 years ahead of what was previously predicted based on surveys and studies.

Businesses ranging across various factors are more likely than ever to say that their main customer interaction happens online. This can be observed in everyday life by the rise of online shopping and e-hailing services as opposed to shopping in physical stores or simply waiting for cabs. Whether we choose to accept it or not, the future of IT is here, and it is here to stay.

Read on to find out 5 trends in tech that will shape the next decade.

Big Data

To put simply, big data is a set of data of greater variety, complexity and sources that can be extracted and analyzed through the use of systems. The shift online has led to massive data dumping and created a huge data pool. With the help of AI systems, organizations can now extract and segregate this data but there is still room for optimization through data storytelling. Once the information has been extracted, it is then the  job of the data expert  to break it down and create a narrative that allows for the data to be easily used.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the use of the internet for storing and managing data on remote servers and accessing said data over the internet as well. With the ever expanding need for storage, cloud based services will continue to rise as well as the demand for cloud computing professionals.


With seemingly everything moving online, and the increase of cyber security threats, there is a growing need to keep the cyberspace secure from both external and internal threats. As we keep moving forward in digitization, cybersecurity is predicted to be one of the biggest growing areas and experts in this line can expect to receive a handsome sum.

Digital Platforms

The growth of digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram cannot be denied. This will only continue in an upwards incline. With newer digital platforms emerging, large platforms will be faced with the pressure to keep upgrading and evolving to anticipate the shift in consumer behaviour. It is not a stretch to say that digital platforms can even play a role in creating  user trends.


Though we probably aren’t at the age of Ultron just yet, this could very much be our near future. Robots and AI technology have grown so exponentially and  the advancements made in these last few years alone have pushed AI technology far beyond what was ever deemed possible. A time when robots are sentient enough to comprehend emotions is near.

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Four Tenets of Modern Data Science & Machine Learning

As the amount of data in our world continues to grow at an exponential rate, big data technologies and practices are evolving rapidly. Initially, companies focused on finding a cost-effective and scalable way to store and manage this data. By implementing technologies such as Apache Hadoop®, companies were able to store structured and unstructured data in a single data lake while reducing the operational costs of data warehouses and marts. Now, as they gain awareness of the strategic potential of their information resources, companies strive to analyze all this new data in new ways—moving beyond simple cost reduction to big data initiatives designed to drive competitive advantage, improve revenue and increase profitability.

In this white paper, Hortonworks approach to data science initiatives within an organization were summarised. Businesses can greatly improve the success of these initiatives and extract maximum value via the following four recommendations:

  • Provide a secure and rich data exploration environment for enterprise assets in the data lake
  • Leverage a flexible platform that can support existing and emerging techniques
  • Accelerate data science initiatives with self-service and collaboration
  • Operationalize data science initiatives with full life cycle model management

To find out more, download the whitepaper here.

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In the Age of Data-Driven Marketing, It Needs Human Touch.

It is common thought today that if your company wants to create scalability, you have to automate using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and the more you automate, the better your bottom line.

For the same reason doctors will probably lose their jobs before nurses do, automation cannot hope to deliver the ‘human touch’ unless it learns to be human first. The more parts of marketing we allocate to machines, the more we see our audience as nothing more than numbers and graphs.

This is not to say automation is bad and Big Data is evil. Well, the latter is up for debate. But the idea isn’t to rely fully on them, rather using it to further personalize and humanize marketing.

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Apache Hadoop 3 Improves Big Data Workloads – Platform Evolves to Meet Modern Requirements

Apache Hadoop 3 is the third major revision of the big data distributed computing framework. The enhancements provide improved storage options as well as scalability and high availability features. They also enable new workload involving artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning algorithms with added support for GPUs. In addition, Hadoop 3 includes a number of enhancements for better resource and workload management capabilities. Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • How Apache Hadoop 3 brings high performance computing for Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • What drives flexibility and agility, and how it adds value for developers and architects
  • How growing volumes of intensive applications can benefit from the scalability and availability enhancements.

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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Info Trek Event Highlight in October 2018- Machine Learning Workshop

A 4-hour workshop on topic about Machine Learning was organized on 29 October 2018. We’ve invited Hong Chii Guan, James, Microsoft Certified trainer to speak for the event. Machine Learning is the study of algorithms that computer systems use to automatically learn and improve without being explicitly programmed. Continue reading “Info Trek Event Highlight in October 2018- Machine Learning Workshop”