Red Hat Ansible Tower In The Software Development Lifecycle

Red Hat Ansible Tower is used in a variety of different ways, from traditional configuration management, to custom application deployment, to the orchestration of zero-downtime rolling updates. Companies like Amelco use Ansible deploy their infrastructure consistently and repeatedly. NASA uses Ansible to update security vulnerabilities and to patch manage nasa. gov weekly. Enterprises that make money delivering applications via the web find that Ansible Tower excels at removing IT bottlenecks, automating repetitive tasks, and accelerating the delivery of applications to market. For IT operations, rolling updates with zero downtime is a very common orchestration pattern that has been discussed at length, but let’s take a look at how Ansible Tower fits earlier into the software development lifecycle and removes bottlenecks in operations, as well as in development and test.

Ansible Tower offers a number of benefits in the SDLC, specifically to:

  • Drive consistency between environments
  • Enable self-service
  • Improve automated testing

If you are interested to find out more about the topic, download this whitepaper now.

Fetcher: AI to help companies headhunt the best candidates

Image Credit: Fetcher Above: Candidate Attributes

The workforce crisis is looming, a situation that could hit the global economy to the tune of $10 trillion, according to some studies. The crux of the problem relates to a mismatch between supply and demand, with some economies facing a workforce shortage and others a surplus.

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