Happy New Year 2018. It will be greater as always.

Happy new year

Info Trek would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year in 2018.

We are eager to see what 2018 has in store for us as well but we believe we are all ready to bid farewell to 2017 and welcoming a great start to 2018.

Things couldn’t be any better when we know we are all ready for whatever it is. Brand new year means brand new wishes and resolution. Be it 50% completion of 2017 resolutions or non completed, we know you have a reason to make yourself even strong and more determine to achieve higher this year.

Let’s not beat yourself with the past but put down your foot and grab the most in front of your now.

Feel free to download our 2018 IT schedule at the link below. Start your improvement plan right away, who knows 2018 can be a blink away just like 2017. 🙂

Want to achieve more in 2018?

E-Book : Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid

Microsoft SharePoint hybrid deployments are rapidly becoming popular with Microsoft’s investments on increased SharePoint productivity, not only in your own environment (on-premises) but also collaborating in new ways through the largest and most advanced cloud service platform in the world—Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. SharePoint hybrid is about connecting SharePoint on-premises to Office 365 and Azure to extend capabilities, enhance collaboration, and drive innovation forward.

This book is part of a series to provide readers from all over the world with a guide on how to connect SharePoint on-premises to Microsoft’s cloud services. You will gain insight into planning, architecture, configuration, and management of SharePoint hybrid. This book covers foundational topics with which you will learn more about Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, architecture planning, platform hygiene and preparation, directory synchronization, and how to configure a seamless single sign-on experience for users.

Grab the free e-book here.

Cobalt – A Metal of the Future, Volkswagen makes a swift move to secure Cobalt supplies

Electric Vehicle
Electric Vehicle
File Photo: An electric Volkswagen car is plugged into a recharging point in central London, Britain. November 10,2016 REUTERS/Toby Melville/File Photo

London: Germany’s Volkswagen is moving to secure long-term supplies of cobalt, a vital component of rechargeable batteries, as the group accelerates its ambitious shift to electric cars.

Demand for cobalt is expected to soar in the coming years due to the electric vehicle revolution as governments around the world crack down on pollution. Volkswagen is under particular pressure as it had been slow to embrace electric cars and self-driving technology until admitting two years ago to cheating on U.S. diesel emissions tests. Battery and auto manufacturers need to sign multi-year deals to secure supplies of raw materials including cobalt and lithium.

What is cobalt (Co)? Why VW need it for?

Cobalt (Co) is hard, heavy and has a high melting-point. It used extensively in super-alloys and high pressure and temperature resistant metals in energy turbines, jet motors, military hardware, aircraft, space craft etc…. It’s a major component in many new rechargeable batteries (electric cars, mobile phones, laptops….). Many lithium-ion batteries contain up to 60% cobalt. Co is strongly magnetic and is used in magnets in preference to Ni and Fe. Co pigments have Continue reading “Cobalt – A Metal of the Future, Volkswagen makes a swift move to secure Cobalt supplies”

E-Book : Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities

Microsoft SharePoint hybrid consists of a growing list of advanced hybrid solutions that empowers organizations to consume benefits of the cloud and maintain their on-premises investments. This book is the second in a series of SharePoint hybrid books in which we show you how to configure, troubleshoot, and manage a SharePoint hybrid environment. As you move toward configuring a SharePoint hybrid environment, you will soon realize the need for a go-to manual to ensure a successful implementation.

This book does exactly that!

It contains step-by-step instructions to help you with configuring and managing SharePoint hybrid. Although, it is aimed primarily for a technical audience, it also addresses business benefits that you might need to present to your management.

This book covers configuring these SharePoint hybrid capabilities in detail, along with scenario-based troubleshooting and recommended practices.

Download the e-book for FREE!

Info Trek Events Highlight in November

It has been a great month with our training center being decorated for the Halloween.

Marketing and the Sales Team has worked together in bring in the spookiness to our training center during the Halloween Month.

Trick or Treat? We say treat only, no trick. What’s better than getting some sweet treats when you least expected it.

Info Trek Team ready to give out some freebies

A quick activities went around our training center at Info Trek, Amcorp Mall on the 31st of October 2017. Goodies and prizes were given out to all the participating learners at our center during the lunch break. Continue reading “Info Trek Events Highlight in November”