Red Hat OpenStack Platform — A cost-effective private cloud for your business

Red Hat

The cloud is more than a marketing concept. Cloud computing is an intentional, integrated architecture comprising a suite of tools that help automate your business operations on a service-provider’s infrastructure, your infrastructure, or a hybrid combination of both.

A private cloud solution uses the accessibility and redundancy advantages of the public cloud, but on your business’s own infrastructure. The advantages gained are greater control over your data with a level of auditing that meets enhanced security needs for financial records, medical records, and other highly sensitive data. As the private cloud tends toward vendor-agnostic open source solutions, vendor lock-in is avoided and interoperability is enhanced.

Whether you’re moving all your business processes to a private cloud or you’re simply looking for a way to lighten your technology load, Red Hat OpenStack Platform is the most cost-effective and customer-friendly implementation of OpenStack on the market today. It has the stability and support you have come to expect from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the technical
innovation brought by the open source community and the OpenStack Foundation, and a broad partner ecosystem from hardware and software vendors to hosting companies to household name integrators.

A private cloud solution takes advantage of the economy, redundancy, and massive scalability of the public cloud, but brings it into the network you own and control. Because it’s built from the ground up on open standards, you will never find yourself locked into a vendor’s product line and subject to that single vendor’s pricing scheme.

More than 100 vendors have joined Red Hat’s OpenStack efforts and provide technologies and services that are certified to work with Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Red Hat offers training and certifications that ensure your technical team has the knowledge to support your private cloud implementation. And through corporate cloud offerings, Red Hat brings virtualization and management tools that integrate seamlessly with Red Hat OpenStack Platform. This frees your technical team to focus on providing critical support for your business needs. Continue reading “Red Hat OpenStack Platform — A cost-effective private cloud for your business”

E-Book : Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (ML) is a service that a developer can use to build predictive analytics models (using training datasets from a variety of data sources) and then easily deploy those models for consumption as cloud web services and the Azure ML studio provides rich functionality to support many end-to-end workflow scenarios for constructing predictive models, from easy access to common data sources, rich data exploration and visualization tools, application of popular ML algorithms, and powerful model evaluation, experimentation, and web publication tooling.

The ebook presents an overview of modern data science theory and principles, the associated workflow, and then covers some of the more common machine learning algorithms in use today. A variety of predictive analytic models using real world data will be built, and we’ll evaluate several different machine learning algorithms and modeling strategies, and then deploy the finished models as machine learning web service on Azure within a matter of minutes.

This book focuses on providing essential information about the theory and application of data science principles and techniques and their applications within the context of Azure Machine Learning Studio. The book is targeted towards both data science hobbyists and veterans, along with developers and IT professionals who are new to machine learning and cloud computing. Azure ML makes it just as approachable for a novice as a seasoned data scientist, helping you quickly be productive and on your way towards creating and testing machine learning solutions.

Check out the e-book here.

We hope you enjoy this Microsoft Azure Essentials series from Microsoft Press. The first three ebooks cover Fundamentals of Azure, Azure Automation, and Azure Machine Learning and we hope you enjoy living and working with Microsoft Azure as much as we do.

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E-book : Managing Agile Open-Source Software Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Online

Agile Open-Source Software Projects

The ALM Rangers are a special group for several reasons. Not only are they innovative and focused on the real world, providing value-added solutions for the Visual Studio developer community, but they live and work in all four corners of the globe. The ALM Rangers are a volunteer organization. Talk about dedication!

With this ebook, the ALM Rangers share their best practices in managing solution requirements and shipping solutions in an agile environment, an environment where transparency, simplicity, and trust prevail.

This book targets Agile development teams and their Scrum Masters who want to explore and learn from our “dogfooding” experiences and our continuous adaptation of software requirements management. Product Owners and other stakeholders will also find value in this book in learning how they can support their Agile development teams and by gaining an understanding of the constraints of open source community projects.

The extensive guidance shared here is not an end-to-end plan for everyone, although it could be used as a definitive guide for some teams. One of the many assets of this book is its organization into practical walkthroughs of typical ALM Ranger projects from idea to solution, presented as an easy to consume reference. Other bonuses are an appendix to quick-start your own project and reference checklists to keep you on track.

This book assumes that you have at least a minimal understanding of Agile, Lean, and Scrum development concepts and are familiar with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Online (VSO).

Check out the e-book here.

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IT Service Management: Radically Improved IT Performance based on ‘Customer Experience’

IT Service Management: Radically Improved IT Performance based on ‘Customer Experience’

IT is still unable to fully satisfy its customers’ requirements despite the introduction of best practices such as ITIL®, COBIT, ASL, BiSL and ISO 20000. IT is still at the top of the list as the No. 1 source of irritation in the workplace. It’s time for a radical new look at IT, using the IT best practices listed above as useful tools, but not necessarily as prerequisites. This time around, however, the customer will take centre stage, i.e. the customer experience. This term is used extensively in marketing circles, but is virtually unheard of in IT circles.

The authors of this white paper have defined the correlation between IT’s work and customer experience. In doing so, they’ve established a tangible link between daily IT management/staff activities and the IT customer’s experience. In doing so, they’ve applied principles commonly found within industry and translated these into useful, practical tools. Important focus areas in this respect include the customer, how the customer views IT’s services, reducing backlogs, eliminating waste,
and time allocation as a major IT productivity and performance boost.

This paper is intended for CIOs and IT managers who are looking to drastically improve their IT performance and customer satisfaction levels by placing the customer experience centre stage and without necessarily incurring additional costs. Once you’ve read this paper, you’ll be better able to manage your IT-related affairs based on customer value, thereby improving IT performance and satisfaction levels significantly. Continue reading “IT Service Management: Radically Improved IT Performance based on ‘Customer Experience’”

E-Book : Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure, Second Edition


The “Microsoft Azure Essentials” series helps you advance your technical skills with Microsoft Azure.

This book covers the fundamentals of Azure you need to start developing solutions right away. It concentrates on the features of the Azure platform that you are most likely to need to know rather than on every feature and service available on the platform.

This book also provides several walkthroughs you can follow to learn how to create VMs and virtual networks, websites and storage accounts, and so on. In many cases, real-world tips are included to help you get the most out of your Azure experience. In addition to its coverage of core Azure services, the book discusses common tools useful in creating and managing Azure-based solutions. Continue reading “E-Book : Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure, Second Edition”