Red Hat Ansible Tower In The Software Development Lifecycle

Red Hat Ansible Tower is used in a variety of different ways, from traditional configuration management, to custom application deployment, to the orchestration of zero-downtime rolling updates. Companies like Amelco use Ansible deploy their infrastructure consistently and repeatedly. NASA uses Ansible to update security vulnerabilities and to patch manage nasa. gov weekly. Enterprises that make money delivering applications via the web find that Ansible Tower excels at removing IT bottlenecks, automating repetitive tasks, and accelerating the delivery of applications to market. For IT operations, rolling updates with zero downtime is a very common orchestration pattern that has been discussed at length, but let’s take a look at how Ansible Tower fits earlier into the software development lifecycle and removes bottlenecks in operations, as well as in development and test.

Ansible Tower offers a number of benefits in the SDLC, specifically to:

  • Drive consistency between environments
  • Enable self-service
  • Improve automated testing

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Merging tables using Vlookup

Combine information from tables

Combining tables was is a very day-to-day task that mostly Excel Pro User has been doing, for ages! This is simply because they are trying to retrieve information from another table and join it into a complete table. Sometimes they do that is also because they’re trying to cross checking data from another table.

This usually happened in between a transaction table or some maybe calling them the facts table and database table (or db table) “Well there are so many ways of how people calling these tables…I can go oon for 3 days if I were to list down all of em”. So, what’s the difference in between these facts table and db table?

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Data Breach. How long it takes for a company to realize it?

data breach is a common scene now

No doubt, we are in a very, very connected world now. After all, The Fourth Industrial Revolution focuses greatly on connectivity and data. The convenience that the fourth industrial revolution bought to us will not only bring us the good but sadly the bad as well.

Ease of the connection means that it will be much easier for hackers to hack our data. And it is not hard to see this. Simply google cyber-attack/ cybercrime/ cyber security case, and immediately you will see the latest news regarding it. Well, believe it or not, these incident does not happen immediately in fact, it might actually be a few months before a company found out that their data are being breech.

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Business Innovation: Success Stories

Across industries, IT organizations are turning to Docker Enterprise Edition (EE). The Docker container platform enables organizations to accelerate digital and multi-cloud initiatives by automating the delivery of legacy and modern applications using an agile operating model with integrated security. Docker EE includes services, support and training, giving organizations a complete containerization strategy for supporting an ever-changing business environment.

Read on to learn how others have overcome technical challenges to deliver value back to the business and drive business innovation:

  • Insurance – MetLife
  • Transportation – VR Group
  • Software – Splunk
  • Financial Services – Alm. Brand
  • Higher Education – Cornell University

Learn how your peers are using Docker EE to accelerate their digital and multi-cloud initiatives. Download E-book here.

Fetcher: AI to help companies headhunt the best candidates

Image Credit: Fetcher Above: Candidate Attributes

The workforce crisis is looming, a situation that could hit the global economy to the tune of $10 trillion, according to some studies. The crux of the problem relates to a mismatch between supply and demand, with some economies facing a workforce shortage and others a surplus.

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