Using Strategic IT for Competitive Advantage

We are living in a digital economy. In order to remain competitive, companies know they must invest in IT. But that knowledge is not enough; they also must know where those investments should be made. Simply investing more in existing IT tactics is not sufficient. Enterprise technology has gone through a major shift, and understanding that shift is a prerequisite for a winning game plan.

Consider the case of cloud computing. The first step in cloud adoption is generally the migration of an existing system. By doing this, businesses can learn several lessons about operating in a cloud environment—integration, application monitoring, data security—but at the end of the day, most companies are simply running old IT systems on new models. For true competitive advantage, a cutting-edge approach involves redesign of both systems and workflow, requiring a different set of investments in technology and skills.

To fully appreciate this approach, companies must ask some basic questions. How is today’s IT different from an organizational perspective? Which driving factors are contributing to the flood of new technology trends? What are the behaviors that stem from this fundamental IT change? And, ultimately, what steps should a company take to move forward? Any focus on individual tools such as cloud computing or Internet of Things or artificial intelligence may solve a short-term problem, but the answers to these central questions will give businesses the knowledge and ability to thrive in the long term. Continue reading “Using Strategic IT for Competitive Advantage”


Analysing Data using custom fiscal year quarter and month

Extracting statistical value using custom Fiscal Year, Quarter and week.

In the last article, I’ve talked about how you can extract fiscal. The need of extracting fiscal/financial year is because not all company’s financial year begins from January. Different financial year will then create a different financial quarter as well. So if the financial year that you’re dealing with begins from different month, pay a visit to the last article which I explained how you can use different function to extract them.

Back to our topic here. In this article, I will walk you through how you can analyse data together with some of the cool tools and function in Excel. Continue reading “CUSTOMIZING FINANCIAL PERIOD WITH EXCEL PART.2”

Managing and Monitoring Apache Kafka® with Hortonworks Streams Messaging Manager

With the growth of Kafka adoption in all major streaming initiatives across large organizations, the operational and visibility challenges associated with Kafka are on the rise as well. Kafka users want better visibility in understanding what is going on in the cluster across the four key entities in Kafka: producers, topics, brokers, and consumers.

Different personas in the organization have different challenges with Kafka. For a platform operations team, it is the lack of visibility at a cluster and broker level and the effects of the broker on the infrastructure it runs on and vice versa. While for a DevOps/App team, they want to know how data flows between the four entities and understand the key performance metrics (KPMs) of these entities. For the governance and security teams, the questions revolve around chain of custody, audit, metadata, access control and lineage. SMM caters to all these diverse needs across different personas. Continue reading “Managing and Monitoring Apache Kafka® with Hortonworks Streams Messaging Manager”

Info Trek Events Highlight in September 2018

September was a great month with full of activities that were worth your while. Let’s review them!

1 Cyber Security Awareness Workshop

On 13th September 2018, Info Trek had organized a Cyber Security Awareness Workshop at Info Trek Penang to increase the public awareness towards the importance of Cyber Security. Due to overwhelming response, there were total of 2 sessions and Mr. Clement Arul from Kaapagam Academy generously shared some very useful and important information regarding why Cyber Security is important and what one need to be cautious about.

Continue reading “Info Trek Events Highlight in September 2018”