E-Book : Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials: Top 10 Tools

Dive in to Windows 10 with award-winning journalist and Windows Expert Ed Bott in this highly curated free eBook covering the top apps, accessories, and utilities included in the box with Windows 10.

The sheer volume of Windows programs and accessories says a lot about the power and complexity of Windows—a fact that every IT pro knows from firsthand experience. There’s a tool for nearly every task, and a large part of the process of becoming a Windows expert is knowing how to find the appropriate one when you need it.

This eBook contains descriptions and hands-on advice to help IT Pros work faster and smarter. Some of these tools are for everybody—end users and experts alike—whereas some are strictly for professionals. A few are so specialized that you’ll only need them once in a blue moon. Collectively, though, they make up a toolbox that can save you (and your company) time and money.

The author has shared his knowledge on his fundamental on how you should use Windows as an everyday tool. What you will find from this e-book:
a) Finding the right tool for the job
b) How you can benefit from and applies it to your daily tasks and information
c) Other related topics such as Hyper-V, Power Shell and Microsoft Azure

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Networking Series (Part 1)

Understanding DNS

-In a Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services Environment

It’s easy to understand the underlying concept about DNS, but there’s actually quite a bit to know about it if one is managing DNS in a large enterprise scenario. In this first posting, part of a multiple-part series (could be between 3-4 posts), I will explain the basics of what a DNS server does in a domain environment.

Why Do We Need DNS.

From home networks to enterprise networks, we need DNS, without it we would struggle to locate devices and websites. Who wants to remember IP addresses of websites when it’s easier to locate using a name. In fact, without DNS servers, the internet would be a very hard place to navigate.

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Update Now – Max-Q, Razer’s phone, and stolen Ethereum

Update Now is a weekly review of all things important about the tech world, whether it be bitcoin or self-driving cars, or the next big tech company acquisition, Update Now gives you the important bits only; without the bore.

Max-Q, Razer’s Phone, and Stolen Ethereum

What is nVidia Max-Q?

If you’re looking to make your next laptop purchase, you must have heard of the term “Max-Q” being thrown around. So what is it exactly? In short, it’s a set of new guidelines from NVidia that dictates how to build gaming laptops that are big, heavy and thick like a Big Mac to something as thin and lightweight like a MacBook. Gaming machines used to weight a ton and are bulky machines, imagine being able to fit a GTX1080 into a MacBook, sans the extreme heat and noise from the fan.

Watch the review for Asus’s Max-Q GTX1080 laptop and read more about What is Max-Q.

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E-Book : Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation

The “Microsoft Azure Essentials” series helps you advance your technical skills with Microsoft Azure. “Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation” will help IT pros and Windows PowerShell developers understand the core concepts around Azure Automation. Using a highly scalable workflow execution environment, Azure Automation allows you to orchestrate frequent deployment and life cycle management tasks using runbooks based on Windows PowerShell Workflow functionality. Continue reading “E-Book : Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation”