Red Hat – A Guide to delivering I.T Business Value

Red Hat IT Business Value

Technology has become more consumer-focused and easier to use. IT organizations are playing a more prominent role within business, and as a result are under increasing pressure to develop new, innovative ways to deliver services. They must not only support existing business needs through their traditional focus on infrastructure, software, and development, but also help accelerate growth.

This transition to align IT priorities with business strategies requires IT organizations to build strong business relationships, using trust and partnership to deliver business value. These relationships are built on the following principles:
1. Partnership
2. Shared responsibility for objectives
3. Measurable outcomes
4. Strategic execution Continue reading “Red Hat – A Guide to delivering I.T Business Value”

Update Now : X-ray Laser, SanDisk’s new microSD card, Smart Keyboard

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The largest X-ray laser to step up the pace in Europe

The 3.4km European X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL), the leading edge and the largest x-ray laser in the world, can generate extremely intense X-ray flashes to be used by researchers from all over the world. The European XFEL can take 3,000 images per second of that tiny world, will begin its experiments later this month, inaugurated with prominent guests from across Europe and science ministers officially start the research operation of the facility on Friday (Sep 1) near Hamburg, northern Germany. It also promised to shed new light onto very small things by letting scientists penetrate the inner workings of atoms, viruses, chemical reactions and capturing the movements of enzymes. Continue reading “Update Now : X-ray Laser, SanDisk’s new microSD card, Smart Keyboard”

E-Book : Microsoft System Center Data Protection for the Hybrid Cloud

System Center Data Protection for the Hybrid Cloud

If you are responsible for architecting and designing the backup strategy for your organization, especially if you’re looking for ways to incorporate cloud backup into your business continuity scenarios, this book is for you.

Part of a series of specialized guides on Microsoft System Center, this book helps you optimize your System Center Data Protection Manager environment. It focuses on best practices, design concepts, how-to procedures, and in-depth technical troubleshooting.

This book also covers improvements added in DPM 2012 R2 as well as the integration with Microsoft Azure Backup service and assumes you have working knowledge of the DPM 2012 version.

Download the e-book here and don’t forget to check out some of our popular Microsoft System Center training and certification as well as e-books:

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Major Asian Airline – Uses Nexus Framework

A major Asian airline realized that a challenge is up ahead and things need to change to start being agile in order to keep up with the constant changes.

A team of Scrum were formed to work on the changes. The team has adopted Nexus, a framework for scaling Scrum. Nexus is an exoskeleton that rests on top of multiple Scrum teams who work together to build one product. Building on the Scrum framework and values, Nexus drives to the heart of scaling: helping to overcome cross-team dependencies and integration issues.

Take a look at the elaborated case study.

Cloud UX – The Next Step in Institutionalization

Cloud UX

This is a conversation where the Founder of HFI shared about the next step in the institutionalization of usability- Cloud UX.

More and more companies are institutionalizing user experience (UX).
The questions will be ‘Are there gaps in institutionalization? What’s still missing?’. Dr. Eric will be sharing his views based on his experience about how UX professionals and practitioners deal with many of the situation. He also shared on some real business scenarios and key benefits of cloud UX which will benefit your business and organization.

“This is a game changer, it profoundly changes the way we do UX business”  Dr. Eric Schaffer.

Download this article and learn from the founder and CEO of Human Factors International, one of the world leaders in User Experience.

Ever wondered how’s a career as a User Experience (UX) professional like? Check out our whitepaper: Growing a UX Career.