Info Trek Events Highlight in June 2018

The Synergy between ITIL, Agile, Lean IT and DevOps workshop was organised on 7 June 2018 by Info Trek with the collaboration of Quint Wellington Redwood. We are proud to invite the CEO of Quint, Mr. Maurice and the Director Consulting Asia for Quint, Mr. Michiel to speak for the workshop.

With the fast-paced digital world, many organisations have turned to leading workflow models and concepts to adapt more sustainably to the rapid shifting technology landscape, specifically: ITIL, Agile, DevOps, Lean IT.

ITIL is referred as the best practice framework for IT service management (ITSM) from the business and customer outlook. It aims to deliver quality IT services with continuous measurement and improvement.

Agile is a time-boxed iterative approach that builds and delivers software incrementally. Unlike the traditional waterfall model which is based on presumptions and assumptions, it seeks feedback right from the beginning of the project to optimise software development. Continue reading “Info Trek Events Highlight in June 2018”

Digital transformation and how to realize it

Our world is going through a huge digital transformation. The technology push, information push and social push bring with them major, disruptive changes. Organizations have no choice: they must undergo a digital transformation to become a digital organization. The question is, how? New technology and new kinds of information change the lives of individuals and organizations alike. Every organization, whether for-profit or non-profit, needs to ask itself what opportunities all these new possibilities offer, and what threats they bring. And most importantly: what must be done differently from now on?

This paper addresses that question through an action plan consisting of five main steps.

Step 1: Focus on short cycles

Step 2: Create a digital foundation

Step 3: Become more Agile

Step 4: Investigate new technologies

Step 5: Surprise your customers

Download the whitepaper here.

Source: Quint Wellington Redwood

What is Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010?

You received a call from an unknown number, asking if you would like to have your house rented out or perhaps take up a loan? You’re not too sure who or how these people got your phone number, you haven’t provided anyone with such information recently. Then it dawns on you, you recently provided your home’s management office with your personal details; somehow your information was transferred without your authorization to other parties.

What can you do? What are your rights in this digital age with regards to your digital data? Here’s what you need to know, to get up to speed on the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

My Story with Data Abuse

Long story short, I was filling a complaint to our apartment’s management team, and they requested personal data such as our home unit number, full name and MyKad number. Few days later, home owners like me who had filed complaints with the management team, had our complaints with all of our unit numbers and MyKad details published publicly. Is this legal? Definitely not.

So what is considered personal data? Basically any information that can be used to personally identify you, your whereabouts, your history and your actions. Here’s a common list, but not limited to: Continue reading “What is Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010?”

Scrum Studio: A Model for Innovation

Scrum Studio creates an environment in which empiricism can thrive. It may exist as a physically separate organization, or it may simply be a protected part of an existing organization, especially when it is just getting started.

Empowered by more choice than ever before, customers have become increasingly demanding and impatient. They are constantly presented with new alternatives, and new competitors arise continuously to meet their rapidly changing needs. Success today means delivering solutions: combining both products and services that better meet the needs of your customers, faster than your competitors.

In many ways, this challenge isn’t new; organizations have been using rapid delivery cycles to form hypotheses about what customers really need, deliver working products to meet those needs, measuring
the results, and then learning from the insights gained. This is the essence of empiricism, and is the raison d’être for Scrum, which is now more than 22 years old.

Read this whitepaper to learn more.


Based on the principles of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto, provides comprehensive training, assessments and certifications to improve the profession of software delivery. Throughout the world, our solutions and community of Professional Scrum Trainers empower people and organizations to achieve agility through Scrum. Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum, founded in 2009 as a global organization, dedicating himself to improving the profession of software delivery by reducing the gaps so the work and work products are dependable.

Info Trek is an authorized training provider for Agile Scrum certification and we offer Scrum Master, Scrum Developer and Scrum Product Owner.

Microsoft Excel : Deadly sins of maintaining list in Excel sheet (Part 2)

Don’t! Do not change the formatting of date

Okay, let’s talk about date. This “Don’t” is related to the “Don’t” from the list above. Let’s do this. Insert these 2 dates into separate cells, make them side by side. The first date “1/31/2015”, the second date “31/1/2015”. *widen the width of these 2 columns*.

No Alignment! I can’t stress how important not to do this!

Remember I’ve mentioned in the earlier point, Excel will align string and labels to left while values to the right. Before we deep dive into why the alignment in these 2 dates are different, let’s talk about how Excel analyze data. Excel stores date using numbers. The number 1 represents 1 January 1900; 2 represent 2 January 1900; 42736 represent 1 January 2017. Hence, date is considerate as value because that is how Excel stores date. When formatting like alignment took place, we forcefully align them to left and right, we’re hiding the fact that which is the date that Excel recognizes and which it not. Continue reading “Microsoft Excel : Deadly sins of maintaining list in Excel sheet (Part 2)”