E-Book : Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities

Microsoft SharePoint hybrid consists of a growing list of advanced hybrid solutions that empowers organizations to consume benefits of the cloud and maintain their on-premises investments. This book is the second in a series of SharePoint hybrid books in which we show you how to configure, troubleshoot, and manage a SharePoint hybrid environment. As you move toward configuring a SharePoint hybrid environment, you will soon realize the need for a go-to manual to ensure a successful implementation.

This book does exactly that!

It contains step-by-step instructions to help you with configuring and managing SharePoint hybrid. Although, it is aimed primarily for a technical audience, it also addresses business benefits that you might need to present to your management.

This book covers configuring these SharePoint hybrid capabilities in detail, along with scenario-based troubleshooting and recommended practices.

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Info Trek Events Highlight in November

It has been a great month with our training center being decorated for the Halloween.

Marketing and the Sales Team has worked together in bring in the spookiness to our training center during the Halloween Month.

Trick or Treat? We say treat only, no trick. What’s better than getting some sweet treats when you least expected it.

Info Trek Team ready to give out some freebies

A quick activities went around our training center at Info Trek, Amcorp Mall on the 31st of October 2017. Goodies and prizes were given out to all the participating learners at our center during the lunch break. Continue reading “Info Trek Events Highlight in November”

The Convergence of Scrum and Devops

“Software is eating the world” – quote by Andreessen, Marc.

Software is pervasive; it influences every aspect of our modern world. It enables organizations to deliver better products, faster and with higher quality. It enables organizations to create new, smarter products that deliver better customer outcomes. It also enables organizations to better understand user needs to become better at delivering better outcomes. Software is also the source of disruption. The formula is simple, yet hard to embrace: organizations that harness the power of software master rapid empiricism, the ability to quickly form hypotheses, try them, gather and analyze the results of these experiments, and use the information to improve.

This paper looks at how modern IT operates and how the different parts of the organization can work together to deliver working software with greater agility. This paper addresses some of the myths about Scrum and DevOps while focusing on how the entire organization responsible for the delivery of software based products to market come together to meet a single goal: Delivering Value.

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E-book : Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development

Mobile Application

Understanding and creating a mobile app development strategy is an important process for today’s development decision-makers opening up new business opportunities or empowering employees to be more productive with new capabilities. Microsoft defines an end-to-end platform for the agile creation of mobile apps that can target any platform (iOS, Android, or Windows), provides easy consumption of services in the cloud or on-premises, spans the requirements for consumer or employee scenarios, offers development teams DevOps tools to improve quality and to achieve faster time to market, and allows for integration with existing enterprise systems.

This ebook outlines that end-to-end platform for organizations selecting technologies and tools for a mobile application development platform and for rapid mobile application development. It also describes the core decision factors that organizations should consider, and it outlines the technical capabilities available within Microsoft solutions and products.

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The Electric Vehicle Race, Who’s Winning

Electric Car

Automakers and suppliers of automotive technology are making big moves toward transforming the very nature of vehicles and the amount of fuel they consume. Electric vehicles and self-driving cars are gaining strong support from investors, venture partners, government officials, shareholders, and customers.

Almost 50 new pure electric-car models will come to market globally between now and 2022, including vehicles from Daimler AG and Volkswagen Ag. General Motors Co, raised the stakes recently by pledging to sell 20 all-electric vehicles by 2023, including launching two new EVs in the next 18 months. Even British inventor James Dyson is getting into the game, announcing last month that he’s investing two billion pounds (US$2.7 billion) to develop an electric car and the batteries to power it.

But how close are we to seeing these electrified, autonomous, advanced vehicles on our roads! Carmakers have embraced ambitious electric vehicle targets, and autonomous vehicles are expected to take a step forward next year in an instrumental U.S market. Continue reading “The Electric Vehicle Race, Who’s Winning”