Upgrading and Migrating to Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 ( includes new features and enhancements that make it an attractive upgrade target for existing Oracle databases. Moving to Oracle Database 12c Release 2 may be part of an effort that includes moving to newly purchased server hardware, migrating to different storage architectures such as Oracle Automatic Storage Management, changing the database character set, migrating to a completely different operating system, or migrating to the Oracle Cloud.

Because upgrade and migration scenarios can differ in many ways, Oracle provides multiple methods for you to upgrade and migrate your databases to Oracle Database 12c Release 2. This white paper outlines these upgrade and migration methods. You will learn about different use cases and key factors to consider when choosing the method that best fits your requirements.

Download the whitepaper now to find out more and do check out our latest Oracle Education certification courses on our site.

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Make The Move to VMware- 8 Reasons Healthcare Organizations Are Switching from Citrix

Virtualization: Just the Beginning

Historically, most healthcare IT organizations have chosen remoting as their method to deliver the EMR. Since VMware Horizon® was included in Target Platform in 2013 for delivering Epic Hyperspace® as an installed application directly in the virtual desktop, there has been a shift away from virtualizing just the application. Installing within the gold image for clinical desktops brings efficiencies in terms of hardware, licensing, support, and maintenance, helping to free up IT resources and budget

VMware RDS hosted applications can now be used to deliver Hyperspace. Healthcare IT organizations can use VMware technology to support virtually limitless types of desktops and applications and deliver their entire Epic platform using a single VMware Digital Clinical Workspace™ solution with benefits from the data center to the point of care. Centralized management, anywhere access, faster deployment, improved data security, reduced TCO, and the ability to leverage existing technology expertise provide a solid foundation for healthcare organizations working with VMware to transform the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care. Continue reading “Make The Move to VMware- 8 Reasons Healthcare Organizations Are Switching from Citrix”

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How Usability Analyst Training Benefits Individuals and Organizations

With the growing emphasis on usability and user experience, individuals and organizations are looking for the most relevant training that meets their specialized needs. Human Factors International (HFI) is the global leader in this area, and our training provides significant benefits in a variety of ways, helping practitioners with tools and techniques they need to know now in order to be successful.

The training gives you a solid set of skills and techniques to create the best possible user experiences for your sites and applications. It includes a variety of proven approaches to help ensure that interfaces are effective, easy to learn, efficient, memorable, and satisfying. Our training helps participants learn to make quality interface design output routine.

This whitepaper covers about the 4 courses, importance of this training towards individuals and organizations as well as the benefits of being trained as a usability analyst.

Download the whitepaper to learn more and do check out the UX training and certification on our site.

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Taking IT4IT on the ITSM journey

The IT4IT standard, is currently recognized as the most comprehensive solution to address this challenge. If adopted widely by enterprise architects, service providers and tool vendors, IT4IT will help organizations to develop and maintain end-to-end IT management systems. These will ensure compatibility and consistency within organizations and in their relationships with third parties (suppliers, partners, integrators and customers). It will allow for focus on the true role of IT: to deliver value through services, thus making the company more competitive and innovative.

IT4IT provides a set of concepts and solutions that can be valuable for ITSM development initiatives in any organization today, regardless of the maturity and scope of their IT service management system. Used together, ITIL® and IT4IT will help organizations to get the most out of available information technologies in a constantly changing, complex IT and business context.

In this paper, we show how IT4IT can help IT service managers at each stage of the service lifecycle. The paper is addressed to ITSM professionals who are familiar with the ITIL structure, scope and content and have an awareness of the IT4IT standard.

Download the whitepaper here.

Bonus Tip: Every organization depends on reliable and secure IT systems. Whether you are dealing with day-to-day business activities or innovative projects, a fully functioning IT department is always an essential prerequisite for success.

Learn to organize, optimize and manage your IT departments with ITIL, COBIT and Lean IT training and certification.



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Scrum & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) projects can be seen as complex, where the amount of unknown requirements and technologies exceeds the known. BI projects are complex due to fast changing information needs and priorities, existence of many users/customers, availability and quality of data, different systems to extract source data from, and continuously changing technologies. Implementing Scrum with a BI-environment, with a focus on creating actionable insights, is therefore challenging. Continue reading “Scrum & Business Intelligence”

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