Update Now – Google drive, hologram and electric cars


Hey guys, let’s take a look at what we got for this week ‘Update Now’ on some technologies that you can anticipate real soon.

Files in the cloud
Image source : Google

Google is in it.

Google has launched a new streamlined desktop app for your convenience. Files in your specified folders can now be automatically made accessible on the web or on any other computers when you install this latest app by Google called Backup and Sync, it’s free. It works across macOS and Windows, unlike the Google Photos and Google Drive, files need to be uploaded and synced. This app is more reliable, simpler and speedier. Why wait! So, check it out!

You can find out more on Google has a new tool for backing up your whole computer.

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Networking Series (Part 1)

Understanding DNS

-In a Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services Environment

It’s easy to understand the underlying concept about DNS, but there’s actually quite a bit to know about it if one is managing DNS in a large enterprise scenario. In this first posting, part of a multiple-part series (could be between 3-4 posts), I will explain the basics of what a DNS server does in a domain environment.

Why Do We Need DNS.

From home networks to enterprise networks, we need DNS, without it we would struggle to locate devices and websites. Who wants to remember IP addresses of websites when it’s easier to locate using a name. In fact, without DNS servers, the internet would be a very hard place to navigate.

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Update Now – Max-Q, Razer’s phone, and stolen Ethereum

Update Now is a weekly review of all things important about the tech world, whether it be bitcoin or self-driving cars, or the next big tech company acquisition, Update Now gives you the important bits only; without the bore.

Max-Q, Razer’s Phone, and Stolen Ethereum

What is nVidia Max-Q?

If you’re looking to make your next laptop purchase, you must have heard of the term “Max-Q” being thrown around. So what is it exactly? In short, it’s a set of new guidelines from NVidia that dictates how to build gaming laptops that are big, heavy and thick like a Big Mac to something as thin and lightweight like a MacBook. Gaming machines used to weight a ton and are bulky machines, imagine being able to fit a GTX1080 into a MacBook, sans the extreme heat and noise from the fan.

Watch the review for Asus’s Max-Q GTX1080 laptop and read more about What is Max-Q.

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What is Blockchain and is it Bitcoin?


Summary of Blockchain

Bitcoin isn’t Blockchain and Blockchain isn’t Bitcoin, that’s the quick answer. In short, Blockchain is the technology that make Bitcoin and the other virtual currencies (or cryptocurrencies) possible. Think of Blockchain as a base material, and this material can be used to create other type of products and even services; and Bitcoin, as one of the service that is made possible by it.

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