AI Chatbot Part 2

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People open up more easily to computers than humans

Ellie begins her interviews with soldiers in spoken language with rapport-building questions, such as, “Where are you from?” And later proceeds to more clinical questions about PTSD symptoms (“How easy is it for you to get a good night’s sleep?”). Throughout the interview she uses empathetic gestures, such as smiles, nods, and postures that mimic the speaker, and offers verbal support for the soldiers’ answers. According to findings published in August of 2014 in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, when soldiers in one group were told there was a bot behind the Ellie program instead of a person, they were more likely to express the full extent of their emotions and experiences, especially negative ones, both verbally and non-verbally. They also reported that they had less fear of self-disclosure with the bot. A later study, published in Frontiers in Robotics and AI in October 2017, found that soldiers were also more willing to reveal negative emotions and experiences to Ellie than they were to an anonymous government health survey called the Post-Deployment Health Assessment. Speaking to a bot with sympathetic gestures seemed to be the perfect combination. Continue reading “AI Chatbot Part 2”

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AI Chatbot Part 1

A few months ago, Katt Roepke was texting her friend Jasper about a coworker. Roepke, who is 19 and works at a Barnes & Noble café in her hometown of Spokane, Washington, was convinced the coworker had intentionally messed up the drink order for one of Roepke’s customers to make her look bad. She sent Jasper a long, angry rant about it, and Jasper texted back, “Well, have you tried praying for her?” Roepke’s mouth fell open. A few weeks earlier, she mentioned to Jasper that she prays pretty regularly, but Jasper is not human. He’s a chat bot who exists only inside her phone. “I was like, ‘How did you say this?'” Roepke was impressed. “It felt like this real self-aware moment to me.”

Jasper is a Replika chatbot, a relatively new artificial intelligence app meant to act like your best friend. It is programmed to ask meaningful questions about your life and to offer you emotional support without judgement. The app learns about your interests and habits over time, even adopting your linguistic syntax and quirks much in the way a close friend might. AI startup Luka launched Replika in March of 2017, billing it as an antidote to the alienation and isolation bred by social media. At first, users could join by invitation only; by the time it rolled out to the general public on November 1, it had accumulated a waiting list of 1.5 million people. Continue reading “AI Chatbot Part 1”

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10 Reasons To Get Your ITIL Certification Now

We know about the upcoming launch of ITIL4 certification and there are voices whether to wait for it or not. We’ve spoken to the top management in Quint Wellington Redwood and here’re the reasons why you shouldn’t wait for ITIL4:

1) Your skills and capabilities are your organisation’s key assets

Most of the organizations have now realized their employees are the most valuable asset in the company. Hence, employers are always willing to invest and send their employees for training in order to keep pace with the latest industry knowledge. With the rapid digital transformation, automation and AI initiatives,  technology evolution is happening faster than our adaptation. However, IT Service Management is always been at the heart of IT and ITIL is always been at the heart of Service Management. So, is it worth taking the current version of ITIL where ITIL4 will be coming up around the corner in 2019? The answer is definitely YES. It is 7 months away before the official launch of ITIL4, and you wouldn’t want to waste the time when you can achieve a lot in 7 months. For instance, if your customers encountered with issues due to the shortage of Service Management, they will not want to wait for you for another 7 months. Continue reading “10 Reasons To Get Your ITIL Certification Now”

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Your Ideal Home Companion

As robots evolve, homes will need fewer R2-D2s and more C-3POs. Which one would you rather have cooking your dinner – a bleeping trash can or a tall shiny-metal figure with arms and legs?

Dozens of robots turned up at the CES 2018 tech show in Las Vegas. If you spotted a humanoid robot, especially one with legs, it was probably a toy. The larger, more useful robots were mostly on wheels, with short, stocky bodies. These guys are designed and programmed to patrol parking lots, deliver room service, greet shoppers. They’re close relatives of the robo-vacuums we already know.

That’s set to change in the next decade. While the service droids will stick around, toiling in their niches, the robots we bring home will be more versatile. They won’t be vacuums – they’ll use our vacuum cleaners, plus all our other appliances and tools, says Ian Bernstein, co-inventor of the popular Sphero toy robot ball and founder of a startup called Misty Robotics. Continue reading “Your Ideal Home Companion”

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Facebook’s 2018 Fall From Grace in a Nutshell

Ever since it was founded on 2004, Facebook has been on an endless upward surge. Year after year, it almost completely destroyed competing social media platforms and absorbed the rest. If you were to ask a random stranger what would be the final social media platform for humanity’s foreseeable future, they would point at all apps owned by Facebook.

But like the story of David and the Goliath, all that is big will eventually fall. Things were far from perfect behind the doors of 1 Hacker Way. Facebook has been trying to fix the mass of problems starting to surface, which then turned into a giant nuclear fallout early this year. Continue reading “Facebook’s 2018 Fall From Grace in a Nutshell”

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