Simple Steps to Get Storytelling on Social Media Right

I recently came out of the Bumblebee movie feeling more satisfied than all the previous Transformers series combined. If the cinematic experience was more epic in the first five movies, why was this little spin-off loved by more moviegoers?

Similarly with social media content and advertisements. Why are some able to connect with us emotionally more than others?

In the golden age of Big Data and Machine Learning, marketers often make the fatal mistake of relegating their audiences down to numbers and graphs. The result is an endless streak of uninspiring content built based on statistics and algorithms rather than human beings.

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Why Every Company Needs a Media Department

If you were born and possibly worked in the time before the Internet, you would have seen the days when businesses were focused simply on making the best products and selling them to customers.

Very little or no education was involved. Knowledge itself was a Unique Selling Proposition that should never be given out for free. When it was required, they came in scripted advertisements with heavy lighting and makeup.

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Why Marketers Should Replace Funnels For Flywheels

The Sales or Marketing Funnel has been all marketers’ playbook for a long time. It outlines the process by which a customer is taken on the sales journey from the initial Awareness all the way to Purchase stages. 

Throughout this Funnel, marketers start with a wide catchment of potential customers and filter down until they reach a refined number of buyers.  If you have been introduced to a new product’s name, its functions and features, followed by an irresistible promotion to buy it, you have been down one such Funnel.

Recently though, there has been talk of a new method that could change the way marketers work. It is by using the Flywheel. Developed by author Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, the Flywheel is essentially a circular flow with multiple sections that gains momentum through every cycle.

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If Social Media Moves Into Chatrooms: How Should Brands Cope

About a decade ago, we saw social media as the first adaptation of the Internet that can be properly used by the entire world. We were able to meet people from all around the world and discuss similar topics. We were able to crowd-source efforts from all over and build something that previously could not be done.

Instead, it revealed the worst humans can be when hidden behind the veil of anonymity and avatars. It also showed us how much worse it is when people of similar opinions band together, creating an echochamber of information and opinions.

Today platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become a cesspool of disinformation, superficial materialism, Internet trolls, and keyboard warriors. It seems the idea of an open and free social media was a utopia that could never be achieved in reality.

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Don’t play with Hacker – Cyber Security

Image with wording of Cyber Security

Never underestimate the power of a hacker, and the importance of cyber security. This is something I often tell my friends and family and there are good reasons for me to say that.

I have seen many cases of cyber attacks happening around me. I even saw a white hacker hacked into a well reputable website to change the pricing of the purchase (of course he did not really purchase the product as that will be illegal).

All of these add up into one very insecure man on all his device (me).

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