Info Trek Events Highlight in September 2018

September was a great month with full of activities that were worth your while. Let’s review them!

1 Cyber Security Awareness Workshop

On 13th September 2018, Info Trek had organized a Cyber Security Awareness Workshop at Info Trek Penang to increase the public awareness towards the importance of Cyber Security. Due to overwhelming response, there were total of 2 sessions and Mr. Clement Arul from Kaapagam Academy generously shared some very useful and important information regarding why Cyber Security is important and what one need to be cautious about.

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Tips on Increasing Facebook Page Reach for 2019

If you have been noticing that Facebook has been feeding you more of your friends’ content rather than that of Pages you follow, you are not losing your marbles. Facebook has been actively pushing the reach of Pages and brands lower down the priority list in exchange of your peers’.

The initial reason for this was because the people at Menlo Park realized that user engagement with posts have been drastically dropping of late. So in the spirit of ‘bringing people closer together and building relationships[1]’, Facebook made post from Pages disappear almost entirely from your Newsfeed.

So here are some campaigns you can adopt for your Page to adapt to the new Facebook Order. Continue reading “Tips on Increasing Facebook Page Reach for 2019”

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Top 4 Ways to Target Audiences on Facebook Ads

Top 4 Ways to Target Audiences on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is quite possibly the most powerful advertising platform in the world today. It supports all advertisements that run in the 1st and 3rd largest social media platforms –  Facebook and Instagram – and the largest messaging platform in the world – Facebook Messenger.

That comes up to around 4.347 billion active monthly users as of the year 2018, according to Statista[1], which is around 56% of the world’s population.

But what sets advertising on Facebook apart from other platforms is in its in-depth Artificial Intelligence and a large pool of user information gathered over the years, which keeps getting better and better. While this level of data accumulation may freak regular users a little, Facebook’s ability to narrow down to users’ consumption behaviour is the best news for marketers yet.

Never in the history of all civilisation have we been able to direct advertisements toward people based on their hobbies, interests, age group, and where they work or live. And all this can be achieved with as little as RM 3 a day. Continue reading “Top 4 Ways to Target Audiences on Facebook Ads”

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Introducing Info Trek Learning On Demand

Have you ever wanted to enhance your knowledge to expand your career opportunity, or perhaps your industry is quickly evolving, and you need to keep yourself up to date, but travelling or away from your work desk are simply impossible?

Info Trek understands your concern and we are extremely pleased to present to you our new online on-demand courses at the e-learning platform, UDEMY is up. Through our Learning-On-Demand courses, it would be so convenient for you to take courses without the limitation of time and location.

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Info Trek Events Highlight in May 2018- AI Preview Workshop

A 4-hour preview workshop on topic about Artificial Intelligence (AI) was being introduced on 30 May 2018. We have proudly invited the founder of, Patrick Lee and the Deep Learning Engineer of, Charlene Lim to speak for the event.

During the AI Preview Workshop, we have learnt about the basic understanding about AI through hands-on-experience to understand AI algorithm. Few topics about AI such as Deep Learning, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, DL4J and Skil-Ce had been covered as well.

Our trainers have also shared some insight on why AI is important. In fact, AI has already penetrated our daily life as we can see from smartphone, social media, ATM and more. Furthermore, AI application has brought impact crosses a lot of industry, especially medical. Hence, opportunity that AI can bring into our future is worth exploring.

Check out the video of the AI Preview Workshop:

If you have missed out this workshop and would like to attend the full workshop course, please take a look at the information below:

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