How to get CompTIA certified in Malaysia?

CompTIA certifications are some of the best credentials you could have when launching your career in the IT world. Understanding the vastness of a career in the IT world, CompTIA has designed and developed several curated certifications, all with different levels of skill and mastery requirements. Even if you’re looking to become a Help Desk Tech or a Cloud Developer, CompTIA has got what you need to achieve your individual goals.

Now that you’ve found yourself in this article, we believe you have either

A: considered getting CompTIA certified or,

B: you’ve heard all the rave reviews and are wondering what CompTIA is in the first place. Regardless of which scenario describes you, read on!

What is CompTIA?

CompTIA is the acronym which stands for The Computing Technology Industry Association. CompTIA is a non-profit IT certificate provider that’s created by industry experts to help validate and enhance the skills of one seeking to enter the IT world. Whether you are a newbie in the field or if you have years of experience and are looking to advance your career, a CompTIA certification is the way to go.

How do you get CompTIA certified?

  • First things first, you would need to look into all the certificates and pick one that is best suited for your skill level and what you would need to pursue your career path. There are 3 main course branches that you can choose from being the core, infrastructure and cybersecurity branches. The core branch is the more basic of the three branches and is most suited for beginners in the field. Next is the infrastructure branch which focuses on skills necessary to maintain and optimize cloud infrastructure services. Lastly, you have the cybersecurity branch which as the name suggests, focuses on combating cyber security threats through various methods. You may browse through our CompTIA course list to learn in depth.
  • Next, training and preparing for the exam. There are lots of things to consider when preparing for any exam, especially one as challenging as the CompTIA certificates. You would need to find the right textbooks to learn all that is required of the test. Then you would need to carve out the time of your day to teach yourself and practice the questions. This would definitely be no easy feat. Most of the CompTIA certificates are comprehensive and focus on a rather broad aspect of every niche to ensure that those who obtain these certificates are truly ready to embark on a journey in the IT world.
The solution or the answer to these questions are simple.

As long as you engage with a trusted and experienced training solutions provider, such as Info Trek, you are pretty much set. Our experts will be able to suggest the right level and type of CompTIA certificate that is suitable for you and your career path upon having a consultation session. We strive to give you the best learning experience by giving you the best instructors and the most conducive environments. All courses are also HRDF claimable.

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CompTIA Courses

CompTIA Courses

Should you get PMP certificate?

As of 2016 the term Project Manager has been quickly gaining popularity as a result of a PwC survey that claims PMP certification to be the fifth highest paying certificate. There are also studies shown that the number of certified project managers in an organization directly translates to the productivity and project success rate. This has then led to a surge of job vacancies for project managers.

Getting certified should be a breeze decision to do. But why is that many people put it off or simply give it up the 22% higher salary chances? 

The cost of the certification is the first thing that would be a point of consideration

Yes, we agree that the cost of a PMP certificate is pretty costly. When you add up the cost of the exams, text books and even the training you may find yourself questioning if it is truly worth it. Well one option that you could consider should cost be the factor that is hindering you, is to sign up as a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) which would earn you some savings when signing up for the PMP test. It will also be much cheaper to retake the exam as a PMI member should the need arise. There’s also a plethora of other benefits that come along with a PMI membership but that’s a whole other article.

Once you’ve sorted the financial aspect of it,

you will then need to carve out the time from your schedule to prepare for the certificate.

Studying and training aside, to pursue a PMP certificate you will need to meet their prerequisites, one of them being a number of hours of project management experience. This experience would need to be well documented, further consuming your time.

Getting PMP certified is no easy feat.

This is one of the main reasons that deters people from pursuing a PMP certification. The PMP is considered by many as one of the hardest exams and certifications to master. This may be because of the number of questions that need to be answered in the relatively short amount of time of the test. It may also be because you cannot simply memorize your way to pass the test. Though it is pretty heavy on the theoretical aspect, you will still need to have some amount of practical knowledge and real-life application to ace the test. 

All these things considered; we still believe that the PMP certificate is one of the best ones out there.

It wouldn’t be one of the most high in demand certificates if it was meant to be easy to obtain, would it?

A solution to most of the challenges listed above is to find the right training solution provider to guide you throughout the entire process. Well, good news! Info Trek does not only offer the training for the most sought out PMP certificate, but we also run mock exams to give you that extra edge in preparing for your test. We want to make sure you’re ready to face the test and want to give you an ample amount of practice to boost your confidence to ace it!  Besides quality lessons, we at Info Trek believe in providing top notch education in the best environment to enhance your learning experience. Sign up today and experience the best for yourself!

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Top Training and Coaching Company Award in APAC 2021.

Info Trek has been rewarded the Top Training and Coaching Award in the Asia Pacific for 2021.

Manage HR magazine will give this prestigious award annually to the most deserving training and coaching providers in multiple regions across the world. Working with the best partners in the industry, Info Trek has successfully held 20,000 training classes helping over 100,000 people to upskill and obtain certifications that are globally recognized. We owe all our success to you, our biggest supporters who have trusted us along each step of the way. Here’s to looking forward to all our endeavors together in the future! In the meantime, let us go over all the ways Info Trek stands out from others in this industry.

First and foremost, we’re not just your average training provider, we pride ourselves in being a holistic training solution provider that goes above and beyond to meet your training needs. As the name suggests, we don’t just offer you our courses. No! We take a comprehensive approach by analyzing our clients needs.

The best training solution providers will work hard to grasp your primary company objectives and strive for your achievement.

No two clients are alike, therefore we tailor our courses to provide the most return for our clients with various of sector background. With the ever changing times, we do our part to constantly add new training and certifications to reflect and meet the current market demands as to be the best in this industry.

Furthermore, apart from our wide range of courses and experienced trainers, we do our best to ensure the safety and comfort of each and every client. We do not run our training classes in typical, shabby training centres. We believe that you need the best environment to optimize your learning experience and thus we run all our classes in 5 star hotels. You can rest assured that you will be well taken care of during your time with us. We aren’t the best for no reason.

Lastly, we have over 25 years of a proven track record in successfully running training classes for people from all walks of life. Be it an organization looking to provide its staff with training or job seekers looking to increase value of their resumes, we give all our diverse clients equal priority as we believe upskilling is not just important, but very much necessary in a constantly evolving landscape. Our experience over these years is unparalleled and we will keep doing our part to continue serving you for many more years to come.

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