Simple Steps to Get Storytelling on Social Media Right

I recently came out of the Bumblebee movie feeling more satisfied than all the previous Transformers series combined. If the cinematic experience was more epic in the first five movies, why was this little spin-off loved by more moviegoers?

Similarly with social media content and advertisements. Why are some able to connect with us emotionally more than others?

In the golden age of Big Data and Machine Learning, marketers often make the fatal mistake of relegating their audiences down to numbers and graphs. The result is an endless streak of uninspiring content built based on statistics and algorithms rather than human beings.

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How much should you spend on your company’s Cyber Security?

How much should a company spend for cyber security

Why is Cyber Security knowledge is crucial?

I have been writing a lot on the importance of cyber security, for both personal and corporate. There are various reasons why I emphasize so strong on the importance of cyber security, but the main reason is fairly simple. Our world is advancing from day to day, non-stop.

This result in a lot of non-technical people using technology stuff now. Regardless of what age they are in, you can easily find someone with a network connected device on their hand. From 10 years old to 90 years old, everyone has a device. This will result in a very serious security threat because, honestly speaking, they are not aware of the danger that the internet can result in. same goes for companies.  

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Merging tables using Vlookup

Combine information from tables

Combining tables was is a very day-to-day task that mostly Excel Pro User has been doing, for ages! This is simply because they are trying to retrieve information from another table and join it into a complete table. Sometimes they do that is also because they’re trying to cross checking data from another table.

This usually happened in between a transaction table or some maybe calling them the facts table and database table (or db table) “Well there are so many ways of how people calling these tables…I can go oon for 3 days if I were to list down all of em”. So, what’s the difference in between these facts table and db table?

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Data Breach. How long it takes for a company to realize it?

data breach is a common scene now

No doubt, we are in a very, very connected world now. After all, The Fourth Industrial Revolution focuses greatly on connectivity and data. The convenience that the fourth industrial revolution bought to us will not only bring us the good but sadly the bad as well.

Ease of the connection means that it will be much easier for hackers to hack our data. And it is not hard to see this. Simply google cyber-attack/ cybercrime/ cyber security case, and immediately you will see the latest news regarding it. Well, believe it or not, these incident does not happen immediately in fact, it might actually be a few months before a company found out that their data are being breech.

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