In the previous article I’ve talked about how to extract date component like Month and quarter. We’re going to continue the other date component here

In this part, we’re going to talk about how to extract Week Number, Financial Year. Plus I also added the importance of “Mark as Table” and the trouble you’re going to run into while sorting the text-based date component.

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What does it take to become Agile?

Agile is a set of principles, processes and techniques. It is an approach that can be adopted as well as being a mindset and a way of thinking. For the adoption of agile concepts into your organization culture, these elements are illustrated by ‘Tangible, Policy, Values’.

There are a few rules of cultural change that we should take note for getting started on what is often a long processes:

– Know your starting point

– Align adoption of agile to your organizations mission and strategic direction

– Pick your battles

– Use an emergent approach, piloting its adoption and using small successes to build momentum for more agile.

Download the business book to find out more.

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Building Digital Organizations

Digital transformation has become a watchword for many businesses. In a new era defined by cloud computing and mobile strategies, companies are pursuing new IT tools, and the best use of tools requires a disruption to operational procedures.

CompTIA’s new research explores the different aspects of this corporate evolution. As companies seek success with new products and new customers, there are many areas that must be addressed in order to become a digital organization.

Key Points:

  • Digital transformation is defining the business of the future
  • The decision process for new technology is experiencing major disruption
  • IT Professionals in digital organizations have a lot on their plate
  • Business units in digital organizations still want to partner with IT

For further insights, please download this report to look at the details.

Bonus Tip: In the ever-changing information technology industry, education is essential. CompTIA’s information technology education efforts include a comprehensive suite of IT channel training, a variety of events and meetings and a steady stream of research and market intelligence studies.

Get the skills you want and employers need. CompTIA has four IT certification series that test different knowledge standards – from entry level to expert. Find which certifications are right for you.

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