Should you get PMP certificate?

As of 2016 the term Project Manager has been quickly gaining popularity as a result of a PwC survey that claims PMP certification to be the fifth highest paying certificate. There are also studies shown that the number of certified project managers in an organization directly translates to the productivity and project success rate. This has then led to a surge of job vacancies for project managers.

Getting certified should be a breeze decision to do. But why is that many people put it off or simply give it up the 22% higher salary chances? 

The cost of the certification is the first thing that would be a point of consideration

Yes, we agree that the cost of a PMP certificate is pretty costly. When you add up the cost of the exams, text books and even the training you may find yourself questioning if it is truly worth it. Well one option that you could consider should cost be the factor that is hindering you, is to sign up as a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) which would earn you some savings when signing up for the PMP test. It will also be much cheaper to retake the exam as a PMI member should the need arise. There’s also a plethora of other benefits that come along with a PMI membership but that’s a whole other article.

Once you’ve sorted the financial aspect of it,

you will then need to carve out the time from your schedule to prepare for the certificate.

Studying and training aside, to pursue a PMP certificate you will need to meet their prerequisites, one of them being a number of hours of project management experience. This experience would need to be well documented, further consuming your time.

Getting PMP certified is no easy feat.

This is one of the main reasons that deters people from pursuing a PMP certification. The PMP is considered by many as one of the hardest exams and certifications to master. This may be because of the number of questions that need to be answered in the relatively short amount of time of the test. It may also be because you cannot simply memorize your way to pass the test. Though it is pretty heavy on the theoretical aspect, you will still need to have some amount of practical knowledge and real-life application to ace the test. 

All these things considered; we still believe that the PMP certificate is one of the best ones out there.

It wouldn’t be one of the most high in demand certificates if it was meant to be easy to obtain, would it?

A solution to most of the challenges listed above is to find the right training solution provider to guide you throughout the entire process. Well, good news! Info Trek does not only offer the training for the most sought out PMP certificate, but we also run mock exams to give you that extra edge in preparing for your test. We want to make sure you’re ready to face the test and want to give you an ample amount of practice to boost your confidence to ace it!  Besides quality lessons, we at Info Trek believe in providing top notch education in the best environment to enhance your learning experience. Sign up today and experience the best for yourself!

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Top Training and Coaching Company Award in APAC 2021.

Info Trek has been rewarded the Top Training and Coaching Award in the Asia Pacific for 2021.

Manage HR magazine will give this prestigious award annually to the most deserving training and coaching providers in multiple regions across the world. Working with the best partners in the industry, Info Trek has successfully held 20,000 training classes helping over 100,000 people to upskill and obtain certifications that are globally recognized. We owe all our success to you, our biggest supporters who have trusted us along each step of the way. Here’s to looking forward to all our endeavors together in the future! In the meantime, let us go over all the ways Info Trek stands out from others in this industry.

First and foremost, we’re not just your average training provider, we pride ourselves in being a holistic training solution provider that goes above and beyond to meet your training needs. As the name suggests, we don’t just offer you our courses. No! We take a comprehensive approach by analyzing our clients needs.

The best training solution providers will work hard to grasp your primary company objectives and strive for your achievement.

No two clients are alike, therefore we tailor our courses to provide the most return for our clients with various of sector background. With the ever changing times, we do our part to constantly add new training and certifications to reflect and meet the current market demands as to be the best in this industry.

Furthermore, apart from our wide range of courses and experienced trainers, we do our best to ensure the safety and comfort of each and every client. We do not run our training classes in typical, shabby training centres. We believe that you need the best environment to optimize your learning experience and thus we run all our classes in 5 star hotels. You can rest assured that you will be well taken care of during your time with us. We aren’t the best for no reason.

Lastly, we have over 25 years of a proven track record in successfully running training classes for people from all walks of life. Be it an organization looking to provide its staff with training or job seekers looking to increase value of their resumes, we give all our diverse clients equal priority as we believe upskilling is not just important, but very much necessary in a constantly evolving landscape. Our experience over these years is unparalleled and we will keep doing our part to continue serving you for many more years to come.

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How to advance your Career

you didn't come this far to only come this far

Imagine, you’ve studied hard and graduated with first honours in your field, researched for the best jobs and managed to land yourself an executive level job at your dream company, life is great. Now, it’s been five years down the road and you’re still right where you started. Not so peachy anymore, right? Believe it or not, this is the story of many working adults nowadays, many people start off and retire at the same position. Make an impactful changes to advance your career.

Of course, some will claim that in today’s job climate, having and retaining a job is a huge accomplishment. While this is true, we also acknowledge the real need for growth and advancement in your career.

For starters moving up the ranks can provide you a thicker paycheck that you may need now due to your growing responsibilities. An upward movement in your career path will also introduce new challenges and keep you on your toes. Eventually, you will be bored with the repetitive work from the same role you carry. The new challenges brought by a promotion could very well do the trick to bring back the motivation and vigor you started out with.

Here is the big questions; how to advance your career? Read on for some helpful tips.

  1. Give more
turn ideas into reality

Every company wants staff who can contribute and add value to the organizational team. Do what you can to show your company you are a valuable team member and would be a good long term investment. One such way you can do is analyzing the needs or shortcomings of your company and addressing them in an objective manner. If you can provide suggestions or solutions that would be even better! This would show your superiors that you care about the company as a whole and not just in your tasks alone.

  1. Upskill
Fuel your passion

Another way to add value to your organization is by adding value to yourself. Look into skill training courses that would help you be better at your job or pick up some new skills that could help you take on new tasks. Let your superiors know that you are ready to handle more challenges with the added skills you have prepared to climb up the career ladder. Most skill training courses and certifications are provided at very affordable rates and have a flexible learning plan. However, Majority is reluctant to take training courses as it might affect their working time, fret not, we are flexible in arranging it at your convenience. We can book a space at your preferred hotel to do the training. Also, you can check with your organization if your skill training course could be sponsored, chances are the answer would be a yes! Check out the extensive list of InfoTrek guaranteed to run courses for 2021.

  1. Ask
You got this!

This is probably the most blatantly obvious, yet many do not do this. Sometimes the best way to secure a promotion is to simply ask. Don’t waste time waiting for your company to notice your skills and contribution and for them to make the offer because it may never come. Work on yourself and once you believe you have done enough to deserve a promotion and are ready to take the next step, arrange a meeting with your superiors and discuss your career progression. Tell them what you bring to the table, or better yet, show them. You should also discuss how giving you the promotion would positively impact the organization as a whole.

Is a certification in Microsoft Office actually worth it?

Microsoft Certification Journey

Microsoft Office comprises the five main Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. With this productivity suite being used as a baseline in majority industry, it is indisputable why most people tend to opt out of taking professional Microsoft Office certifications. The common misconception is that these applications are not very complex thus do not need to be pursued professionally. This is far from the truth. Although the basic functions require little to no extra learning, the functionality of these applications are more diverse than we know.

What are the Microsoft Certifications offered?

There are three levels of certification that are offered for the Microsoft Office suite being the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), MOS Expert, and MOS Master. Each level does not necessarily touch on different aspects of the application but is much rather an indication of proficiency in the usage of these applications. The certifications emphasize on a mastery of usage and not administration nor installation.

It is understandable that not everyone needs to get this professional certification as some are being complacent and sufficient with the basic functions of Microsoft Office. But, there’s a quote that says

“In training, there is no winning or losing, only learning” – Tucker Max,

you can never think upskilling yourself as any kind of waste. Furthermore, with the acquired knowledge, it will be much more than only experience and learning, it will be a plus point in your resume as a professional skill that you successfully obtained.

Is it worth it?

If you are looking to further your career especially in business, you may want to consider taking the Microsoft Office certification. This is because most employers list proficiency in Microsoft Office applications as one of the main hiring criteria when recruiting. If you have a basic knowledge of how to use these applications, you would probably be good to go. Having a certification would definitely boost your chances of being hired. It is always good to have a professional certification to vouch for your skills.

If you are actively using the Microsoft Office applications, you should look into these certifications to help you be more efficient and productive. Cut the time to work out on a simple task, increase your proficiency in the Microsoft Office applications. It will not only speed up your work process but also improve the quality of your work. Most companies are keen to send their employees for certifications, especially those that brings most benefits to their everyday work.

Look into the right certification that suits your job responsibilities, skill level and go for it! It will be one of the best decision you make for yourself.

Upcoming this year

Though 2021 has only just begun, we are already seeing the trends that will be shaping this year in the job markets. One job title that stands out from the rest this year is Project Manager. Though it is one of the newer players, this does not undermine the impact that it will create on the job market. With business shifting the way they operate in line with the Covid-19 pandemic. This would mean operating on budget cuts, tighter deadlines and a high risk situation where anything could happen at any given time. Project management professionals are hired to address these very concerns thus why the sudden increase in demand for people with such certification.

In recent research it was gathered that employers will be looking for 2.2 million project managers over the next few years. The demand is great and now is the time for you to jump in on this latest trend. Even if project management is not in your job title it is still valuable for you to pick up this certification to make yourself indispensable to your team. The way to get certified is easy. First and foremost you will need to sit for the Project Management  Professional (PMP) exam by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The test will cover 180 questions and these questions range from multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot, and limited fill-in-the-blank types of questions.The most important thing to note is that ‘real world experience’ will simply not cut it for this test. It would work in your favour to seek professional help in preparing to sit for this test.

What we at Info Trek offer to those sitting for the PMP Exam is a hands on Exam Mock Coaching in addition to hands on PMP training to better prepare you for exactly what you are to face. We give you all the insider tips, from study strategies to answering tactics. Walk into your PMP test with the confidence and surety of passing.

Besides the PMP Exam Mock Coaching, Info Trek has a lineup of other interesting guaranteed to run courses to come this year. Browse through our extensive programme lineup and be sure to sign up as soon as possible as seats are limited. We at Info Trek are looking forward to joining you on your journey towards self improvement and professional growth.