Info Trek Events Highlight in September 2018

September was a great month with full of activities that were worth your while. Let’s review them!

1 Cyber Security Awareness Workshop

On 13th September 2018, Info Trek had organized a Cyber Security Awareness Workshop at Info Trek Penang to increase the public awareness towards the importance of Cyber Security. Due to overwhelming response, there were total of 2 sessions and Mr. Clement Arul from Kaapagam Academy generously shared some very useful and important information regarding why Cyber Security is important and what one need to be cautious about.

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Info Trek Events Highlight in May 2018- AI Preview Workshop

A 4-hour preview workshop on topic about Artificial Intelligence (AI) was being introduced on 30 May 2018. We have proudly invited the founder of, Patrick Lee and the Deep Learning Engineer of, Charlene Lim to speak for the event.

During the AI Preview Workshop, we have learnt about the basic understanding about AI through hands-on-experience to understand AI algorithm. Few topics about AI such as Deep Learning, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, DL4J and Skil-Ce had been covered as well.

Our trainers have also shared some insight on why AI is important. In fact, AI has already penetrated our daily life as we can see from smartphone, social media, ATM and more. Furthermore, AI application has brought impact crosses a lot of industry, especially medical. Hence, opportunity that AI can bring into our future is worth exploring.

Check out the video of the AI Preview Workshop:

If you have missed out this workshop and would like to attend the full workshop course, please take a look at the information below:

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Info Trek Events Highlight in June 2018

The Synergy between ITIL, Agile, Lean IT and DevOps workshop was organised on 7 June 2018 by Info Trek with the collaboration of Quint Wellington Redwood. We are proud to invite the CEO of Quint, Mr. Maurice and the Director Consulting Asia for Quint, Mr. Michiel to speak for the workshop.

With the fast-paced digital world, many organisations have turned to leading workflow models and concepts to adapt more sustainably to the rapid shifting technology landscape, specifically: ITIL, Agile, DevOps, Lean IT.

ITIL is referred as the best practice framework for IT service management (ITSM) from the business and customer outlook. It aims to deliver quality IT services with continuous measurement and improvement.

Agile is a time-boxed iterative approach that builds and delivers software incrementally. Unlike the traditional waterfall model which is based on presumptions and assumptions, it seeks feedback right from the beginning of the project to optimise software development. Continue reading “Info Trek Events Highlight in June 2018”

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Info Trek Events Highlight in February 2018

A 2-half day workshops on 2 separate topics was being introduce on 9 February 2018. We have learnt that these are the few topics that the crowd has been searching for which are the agile practices and business analysis related content. So much of interest among the attendees with most

During the Agile Essential workshop, our experienced trainer has shared some insight on why Agile is important. It is a starting point for you to acquire the techniques, skills and tools that enable you to build Agile discipline. She also shared some insights and case study on the roles and responsibility as well based on her vast experience in the industry. Grasp the concepts, principles and methods of Agile development and become empowered to execute on your plans for incorporating Agile practices and techniques into your organization. Understand and learn how you can take advantage of the opportunities on Agile to succeed.

Check out the video of the Agile Essential Workshop:

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Info Trek Events Highlight in January 2018 – Oracle Workshop

January month was a great start for Info Trek with a few workshops collaboration with our Principals.

This Oracle workshop was organized with the collaboration of Oracle Malaysia on 24 January 2018. The workshop was by special invitation to our clients  only covering Oracle’s architecture, cloud and big data. Attendees able to gain insights from the professional speaker and start thinking about what’s best for their business.

There was a brief introduction on Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) as Oracle’s best practices blueprint based on proven Oracle high availability technologies, expert recommendations and customer experiences. The speaker also touched on what is Oracle cloud all about and the concept of big data solutions. Continue reading “Info Trek Events Highlight in January 2018 – Oracle Workshop”

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