SQL Server on Linux: A guide to re-platforming and modernizing your data workloads

M?odern data platform

The modern data platform spans across heterogeneous environments, where operational databases, data warehouses and different data sources combine to drive insights from data. To innovate, you need flexibility when it comes to your choice of platform, programming languages and data infrastructure to get the most from your data.

Familiarize yourself with cross-platform and migration tools along with use-case demos of the cutting-edge technologies and enterprise-grade features now available in open-source and mixed-shop (Linux + Windows) environments.

Topics include:

  • Columnstore indexes
  • in-memory technologies
  • high availability
  • graph data extensions
  • Adaptive Query Plan
  • enhanced security features

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If you’re ready to learn how to harness Microsoft SQL Server 2016 to deliver mission-critical performance, gain faster insights on data, or drive your hybrid cloud strategy, you’re in the right place. These learning opportunities can help you get started quickly—from product exploration to deep training and certification.

SQL Server Performance: faster querying with SQL Server

With data factoring in an increasing amount of interactions everywhere, it’s important to not only keep up with the volume of data but harness the power of it.

This need presents an opportunity for you to modernize your organisation’s applications and drive digital transformation with better built-in analytics. By using the most advanced business intelligence capabilities, you can make the most of the vast and varied data out there, accelerate your speed of doing business through smarter decision-making and faster execution and gain a competitive advantage.

Microsoft SQL Server can help you achieve this goal by offering critical built-in capabilities, including:

  • Industry-leading in-memory performance
  • Trusted security
  • Game-changing in-database advanced analytics
  • Flexibility to run your complete data estate on any environment with any data

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Business Innovation: Success Stories

Across industries, IT organizations are turning to Docker Enterprise Edition (EE). The Docker container platform enables organizations to accelerate digital and multi-cloud initiatives by automating the delivery of legacy and modern applications using an agile operating model with integrated security. Docker EE includes services, support and training, giving organizations a complete containerization strategy for supporting an ever-changing business environment.

Read on to learn how others have overcome technical challenges to deliver value back to the business and drive business innovation:

  • Insurance – MetLife
  • Transportation – VR Group
  • Software – Splunk
  • Financial Services – Alm. Brand
  • Higher Education – Cornell University

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An Environment to Build, Deploy, and Manage Java Enterprise Applications

Oracle Java Cloud Service is a complete platform and infrastructure cloud solution for building, deploying, and managing Java EE applications. Use Oracle Java Cloud Service to rapidly provision an application environment with Oracle WebLogic Server as the application container, Oracle Coherence as a caching and data grid tier, and Oracle Traffic Director as the software load balancer—all on top of infrastructure provided by Oracle Compute Cloud Service.

What you’ll learn from this e-book:

  • Find out about the industry’s best application server
  • You can create a complete application environment in the cloud
  • Build, deploy and manage Java EE applications

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Designed to Disrupt – Reimagine Your Apps and Transform Your Industry

Cloud-based advanced services, like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, open new opportunities for technical teams to drive business value. Find inspiration and guidance about what kind of transformational changes are possible and how you can achieve them.

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  • Use cloud technology to give your company a competitive edge by accessing new markets, enhancing your customers’ experience, and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Learn from companies who have successfully used innovative technologies—such as cognitive services, Internet of Things (IoT) and bots—to grow their businesses.
  • Create a digital journey roadmap, with envisioning sessions to reimagine your company’s goals and practical tools to bring your visions to life.