3 Most Common Mistakes on Facebook Marketing, and How to Fix

You have a Facebook Page with a lot of content, but nobody is engaging with it. You run advertisements, but cannot seem to land sizeable leads. Your ad cost is so high, you’re losing money for every customer you get.

If you are saying Yes and nodding repeatedly right now, you are not alone. Too many businesses are finding it difficult to get a sustainable foothold on Social Media. And it doesn’t help that there isn’t a Philip Kotler of Social Media Marketing we can all rely on.

Social Media is so new and moving so fast, that by the time a book of a theory comes out it would be obsolete. So every industry leader in this field is doing well by experimentation.

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10 Facts About Blockchain

  1. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology, other cryptocurrencies use their own versions of blockchain.
  2. Blockchain is a technology that needs the internet to work.
  3. Blockchains can be public (like the internet), or private (like the intranet).
  4. Blockchain is part record-keeping, part network protocol.
  5. Records stored on blockchain cannot be modified or deleted, only added on to it.
  6. Blockchain relies on multiple computers in a peer-to-peer network to work, thereby eliminating single points of failure.
  7. Blockchain uses consensus rules to ensure the network agrees on the records.
  8. Blockchain uses cryptography to ensure the integrity of the records and network.
  9. Blockchain isn’t the solution to all problems.
  10. Just like with the internet, there will be jobs that become obsolete. But, there will be new careers that we haven’t even dreamed up yet that will be created as a result of blockchain.

Top 5 Tips to Grow Brand’s Social Media Presence without Spending Money

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, merely transferred from one form to another. It is applicable to everything within the confines of Earth’s atmosphere, including Social Media.

Assuming that all brands start Social Media with the intention of becoming one of the most engaged-with accounts among its community, a price must be levied. And this price either comes in the form of time or money.

If money is your choice, it can be invested into leveraging on a competent and dedicated Social Media team, boosting posts to gain better reach, and running advertisement campaigns to fasttrack your ROI.

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Bitcoin is NOT Evil

It’s a shame that the media and the powers that be are influencing the minds of people into thinking that bitcoin is some sort of scam and that everyone should stay away from it. It’s an even bigger shame that the folks who do understand bitcoin are the ones scamming these poor people! Bitcoin is not evil despite what many think, it’s simply a digital currency that is not tied to any nation nor controlled by any central bank. The fact that no one controls bitcoin is what makes banks so afraid. So, if no one is control, what is? The software behind bitcoin is the one controlling the network. 

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Power User vs Top feature in Pivot Table – Part 4

Sort by your report other than A to Z

In the previous section I’ve talked about how to sort or filter your report. But in this time, it is slightly different. You might have a certain arrangement of how you would like your report to be. Not everytime you would want to sort the report in the most ordinary way. You may have a few items that you would like to be listed at the top and some to be at the bottom. There are just a few ways for you to achieve how the way that you wanted to. Let’s check it out:

a) You can use the drag and drop way to arrange the item. This is how you can do it:

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