A Career in IT – What You Need To Know?

When you think of careers in information technology (IT) or computer science, it is very likely that you imagine a hacker working on codes in a dark room. Stereotype portrayal by the media is to be blamed for this but that’s a whole other story. The IT sector is actually huge and comprises many different jobs. Much like in the rest of the world, at this moment in time, Malaysia’s IT industry is a booming industry. The digital shift sped up by the pandemic has led to business owners actively seeking out digital experts to help create a seamless transition into the digital world thus further increasing the demand for those who have expertise in this field. If that was not enough to attract you into considering a career in IT, read on to learn everything you need to know!

1. The pay is generous

One of the biggest perks when working in IT is undoubtedly the pay. It comes as no shock that IT specialists are one of the highest paid professionals in the world. Think of the richest people in the world today, Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), Reed Hastings(CEO of Netflix), and Larry Page (Co-CEO of Google) all share one thing in common, and that’s a background in Information Technology. This is of course not a coincidence. To the unassuming eye there may seem to be a disconnect between starting up in IT and then landing yourself as the CEO of an organisation but that is not true!

2. Unlimited career pathways

As we’ve just covered, the biggest players in the industry today all seem to have a background in IT or more specifically, computer science. In the past CEO’s were most likely those who had a background in business, economics or even accounting but that is not the case as of late. This is probably because of the nature of these big corporations in our world today. They’re all tech moguls. And when the business itself deals with technology it makes more sense to appoint someone with a strong background in it. This is why the career pathway for an IT graduate is almost limitless. You could start off as a programmer or software developer and work your way up the corporate ladder. You are quite unlikely to start and end at the same spot in your career. Choosing a specialization would definitely help set you apart from other IT graduates and give you an edge.

3. It’s not just math and numbers

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the numbers. Don’t get us wrong you would definitely have to have some mathematical skills but it’s not the be all and end all. We assure you that you do not need to be a math whiz solving logarithms in your sleep to pursue this line. Analytical and problem solving skills are also very much valued and sought after in the field of IT. You would need these skills to complement the mathematical aspect of it all to be truly good at what you do when it comes to IT.

4. The learning never ends

Technology is constantly evolving. From the time you started reading this article till now, there has already been a new discovery in IT. That’s how fast things change in this industry. Therefore, the learning is truly endless. At any age and any point of your career in IT you could easily find new modules to learn and master to upskill. This presents a chance for growth like no other line of work. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, you will continue to be relevant and necessary.

If you are already in the line of IT and are considering specializing in a niche area, you’ve found yourself right where you want to be. InfoTrek is an award-winning IT training solution provider in Asia Pacific 2021 with many formidable partnerships with the likes of Microsoft and ORACLE. Therefore, if you have yet to pursue a career in IT and want to make that leap, we are here to tell you that you can! For some roles that require specific skills a certification on top of your existing degree would suffice. You would be able to find a course that suits your necessity with us at infoTrek.

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The Basics of Data Analytics – How To Start?

No matter what field you are in you are bound to have come across the term ‘data’ and heard all about how it is a game changer. From healthcare to every shopping trip, data is ever present in our lives. Take online streaming services for example. Every time you watch a new show or search for a certain documentary on the streaming platform, your data is collected and analyzed. The next time you log in to the same platform you would be presented with a list of other movies and shows that may match your interests. This is not because streaming services are mind readers! They have simply studied the data you provided and presented the outcome of said data.

Data is basically another term for information.

In the case of the online streaming services, the genre of your interest, films you binge watch and every search result is important information for streaming services to understand you as their user. All this information can be analyzed to understand what they can do to better serve you and to keep you subscribed. How would they do this you ask? By giving you exactly what you have been searching for. They do not even need to go out of their way to obtain this information, you have already supplied them with everything they could possibly need. This is why data is so important.

Now that we’ve got an understanding of what data is, it’s time to look into the next question;

how can you start utilizing data to your benefit?

Well, this is not as easy to tackle. The short of it is that you will need to know where to look for data, tabulate it and then analyze it.

Depending on your mode of business or interest, data may reach you in different ways. If you were a social media influencer, the data you would be interested in would be related to your online presence. Things such as likes, shares, subscribers and comments would be your raw data. Now that you have all this information the next step would be to put it into order in a table. This table should be easily understood and allow you to edit it from time to time to record growth or any other significant changes in numbers.

The final step, which is the analysis of data, is where things get tricky.

You would have to put some thought and consideration over it and understand what the numbers mean. Looking for patterns in the way your subscribers engage with the content you post would be the best way to start. Perhaps when you really dissect the numbers, you would come to realize that your subscribers react most positively to a specific form of content. This is the key information or piece of data you need to understand how to keep your subscribers hooked. This however is a very simplified explanation to understand the basics of data analytics. The truth of the matter is that it may not always be this straight forward. Since data is so valuable, it only makes sense to commit some of your time and resources to ensure you make full use of the data you have. 

Understanding the role data plays in today’s world, Info Trek provides a number of courses that will enable you to truly become a master of data. Check out the list of courses in our Data Science and Business Intelligence programme and you might find just the right one for you!

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How to get CompTIA certified in Malaysia?

CompTIA certifications are some of the best credentials you could have when launching your career in the IT world. Understanding the vastness of a career in the IT world, CompTIA has designed and developed several curated certifications, all with different levels of skill and mastery requirements. Even if you’re looking to become a Help Desk Tech or a Cloud Developer, CompTIA has got what you need to achieve your individual goals.

Now that you’ve found yourself in this article, we believe you have either

A: considered getting CompTIA certified or,

B: you’ve heard all the rave reviews and are wondering what CompTIA is in the first place. Regardless of which scenario describes you, read on!

What is CompTIA?

CompTIA is the acronym which stands for The Computing Technology Industry Association. CompTIA is a non-profit IT certificate provider that’s created by industry experts to help validate and enhance the skills of one seeking to enter the IT world. Whether you are a newbie in the field or if you have years of experience and are looking to advance your career, a CompTIA certification is the way to go.

How do you get CompTIA certified?

  • First things first, you would need to look into all the certificates and pick one that is best suited for your skill level and what you would need to pursue your career path. There are 3 main course branches that you can choose from being the core, infrastructure and cybersecurity branches. The core branch is the more basic of the three branches and is most suited for beginners in the field. Next is the infrastructure branch which focuses on skills necessary to maintain and optimize cloud infrastructure services. Lastly, you have the cybersecurity branch which as the name suggests, focuses on combating cyber security threats through various methods. You may browse through our CompTIA course list to learn in depth.
  • Next, training and preparing for the exam. There are lots of things to consider when preparing for any exam, especially one as challenging as the CompTIA certificates. You would need to find the right textbooks to learn all that is required of the test. Then you would need to carve out the time of your day to teach yourself and practice the questions. This would definitely be no easy feat. Most of the CompTIA certificates are comprehensive and focus on a rather broad aspect of every niche to ensure that those who obtain these certificates are truly ready to embark on a journey in the IT world.
The solution or the answer to these questions are simple.

As long as you engage with a trusted and experienced training solutions provider, such as Info Trek, you are pretty much set. Our experts will be able to suggest the right level and type of CompTIA certificate that is suitable for you and your career path upon having a consultation session. We strive to give you the best learning experience by giving you the best instructors and the most conducive environments. All courses are also HRDF claimable.

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CompTIA Courses

CompTIA Courses

Why Training and Certification is important?

Plants will grow taller and bloom beautifully if we water and care for them adequately. Same goes to human, if we love ourselves and acknowledging your worth, upgrading ourselves wouldn’t be an issue knowing the satisfying result we will achieve.

Skill specific training and certification is quickly gaining popularity among young adults who are entering the job sphere and those who are in the workforce but looking to upskill.

In line with the sudden interest people have in skill training, many agencies have been providing skill-sharing workshops and sponsoring seats at these workshops as well. Unlike traditional diploma or degree certificates, skill-specific training; much like its name suggests, is a short express course that focuses on one or a given set of skills that you would need to acquire in order to be certified in that field.

There are numerous benefits of getting a professional training and certificate.   
  1. Climb the corporate ladder

Though you may already be pretty good at your job, it is always beneficial to get professional training or certification. The reason behind this is simple, while you may claim to be good at something there is no real way for an employer or the general public to judge your skills and abilities and to gauge your knowledge in the field.

What certification does is provides a seal of TRUST that you have mastered the relevant skills in accordance with your credentials.

In a work setting having this document to certify your skills is an added value that would make you stand out from other applicants who also possess similar skills. Besides that, getting training to explore new fields or skills that could add value to you as a staff member also makes you a lot more attractive as an employee. Keeping yourself relevant and in the loop of advancements in your field enables you to stay ahead of the game and fresh graduates.

  1. Personal Satisfaction

Moreover, this should be the main priority when seeking certification. While the potential of an added bonus or promotion might excite some learners, a majority of learners choose to pursue certificates for self-empowerment and satisfaction. Completing modules and getting the small seals of approval and recognition through the course gives learners a confidence boost. Getting that short term motivation makes learners feel like their efforts are appreciated. In addition, the training could add value to their lives. A study found that professional training courses that provided certificates at the end of their course show a higher follow through to completion rate than those that didn’t offer a certificate. This just further illustrates how important the feeling of reward is when it comes to learning and skill-specific learning.

  1. Lifelong education

In the spirit of constant improvement and not getting complacent, skill specific training and certification provides adults a multitude of opportunities that could only be done through a lifetime of learning. As the saying goes,

“you are never too old to learn something new.”

Be it something related to your existing job, or skills that you would need to develop your hobbies. Unlike in the past, career growth and development is not a straight path that is guaranteed upon loyal service, but a path full of disruption that seeks personal fulfilment. Working adults may find themselves trying at several different industries before they find one that brings them to success.

In the end, it becomes apparent why skill-specific training and certification is so popular among adults today. The ball is back in your court now. We have provided you with the reasons all you need to do now is commit to a professional certificate to begin your journey of self-satisfaction and self-improvement. InfoTrek offers many certificates spread across various industries. Go through our extensive and comprehensive list and sign up today!

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Should you get PMP certificate?

As of 2016 the term Project Manager has been quickly gaining popularity as a result of a PwC survey that claims PMP certification to be the fifth highest paying certificate. There are also studies shown that the number of certified project managers in an organization directly translates to the productivity and project success rate. This has then led to a surge of job vacancies for project managers.

Getting certified should be a breeze decision to do. But why is that many people put it off or simply give it up the 22% higher salary chances? 

The cost of the certification is the first thing that would be a point of consideration

Yes, we agree that the cost of a PMP certificate is pretty costly. When you add up the cost of the exams, text books and even the training you may find yourself questioning if it is truly worth it. Well one option that you could consider should cost be the factor that is hindering you, is to sign up as a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) which would earn you some savings when signing up for the PMP test. It will also be much cheaper to retake the exam as a PMI member should the need arise. There’s also a plethora of other benefits that come along with a PMI membership but that’s a whole other article.

Once you’ve sorted the financial aspect of it,

you will then need to carve out the time from your schedule to prepare for the certificate.

Studying and training aside, to pursue a PMP certificate you will need to meet their prerequisites, one of them being a number of hours of project management experience. This experience would need to be well documented, further consuming your time.

Getting PMP certified is no easy feat.

This is one of the main reasons that deters people from pursuing a PMP certification. The PMP is considered by many as one of the hardest exams and certifications to master. This may be because of the number of questions that need to be answered in the relatively short amount of time of the test. It may also be because you cannot simply memorize your way to pass the test. Though it is pretty heavy on the theoretical aspect, you will still need to have some amount of practical knowledge and real-life application to ace the test. 

All these things considered; we still believe that the PMP certificate is one of the best ones out there.

It wouldn’t be one of the most high in demand certificates if it was meant to be easy to obtain, would it?

A solution to most of the challenges listed above is to find the right training solution provider to guide you throughout the entire process. Well, good news! Info Trek does not only offer the training for the most sought out PMP certificate, but we also run mock exams to give you that extra edge in preparing for your test. We want to make sure you’re ready to face the test and want to give you an ample amount of practice to boost your confidence to ace it!  Besides quality lessons, we at Info Trek believe in providing top notch education in the best environment to enhance your learning experience. Sign up today and experience the best for yourself!

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