How to Create a Successful Facebook Live Video Channel

Attention businesses who are having trouble with decreased engagement on your Facebook Page: this post is for you.

In early January 2018, Facebook announced a new major step to bring the ‘social’ element of social media back to their users.[1] This move is in response to the growing spammy content that has been overcrowding Newsfeeds which resulted in a significant drop in user engagement.

In their bid to restore the ‘social’ element of their platform, Facebook will be reducing the reach of content shared by businesses and those that do not generate engagement (no Likes, Reactions, Shares and Comments). To businesses, this simply means that if you would like your content to be seen, you just have to pay for an advertisement slot. There is, however, one way for businesses to still generate healthy organic reach: Facebook Live videos.

To the uninitiated, Facebook Live is an easy to use platform for just about anyone to start a live stream. You just press a button, name your video and voila you’re Live! During this moment, your followers will be immediately notified of your Live feed and they are able to participate in your video by chatting with you and each other while watching you. Continue reading “How to Create a Successful Facebook Live Video Channel”