Certification that Make your Resume Stand Out

When you’re in the market for a new job or are looking to add value to yourself, certifications are a good way to go. Professional certifications not only spruce up your resume and make you more desirable to those hiring but increase your knowledge in your field making you a more valuable employee in your workplace. To compare, a person with a certification in Google AdWords and a Degree in Advertising would stand out more than someone who just has a degree and no other qualifications.

Though certifications are generally beneficial, it would do no harm for you to consider the field of work you are in and what skill or training would benefit you the most in that field. That is of course only if your motivation to pursue a certificate is to add value to your work. If what you’re looking into is something you’d want to pursue as a hobby then you would not need to do as much research.

Having said all that, there are some certifications that stand out more than others in terms of being in-demand. Most of these certifications are related to skills necessary for the fourth industrial revolution. Read on to find out all the best courses you could get a certification for in 2021.Project Management Certification

Project Management jobs are very much in demand. Most employers looking to fill a position that requires project management will favour candidates with this certification rather than a candidate with none at all. Not only does this increase your probability of getting hired but will also help you add value to any company you enter. It is backed by research that companies with more certified Project Managers tend to perform better than those with less or no certified Project Managers. It also helps that this certification is recognized internationally.

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Getting a certification in Businesses Analysis would not only help you do your job more efficiently ,but it would also help you climb the ranks at your work place. Regardless of your experience and expertise in the field there is a business analysis course just for you. Be it if you are someone who is just starting out after your graduation or if you’re a seasoned professional,a certificate can truly be a game changer provided that you pursue one that is made for you.

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If you are in the IT field this certification is one of the most desirable ones to help boost your resume. A computer network certificate helps you understand how computers operate in terms of network security and the installation and configuration of Microsoft Softwares. It helps you analyze risks and select the right IT solution in any situation.

This being said it is still important for you to research on the right certifications for you to pursue in your field of work and at the stage of your career you are at. While these options were listed as some of the most important certifications to boost your resume, there are still a multitude of certificates out there waiting to be found.

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How Can Data Improve Customer Targeting

Brands today are starting to realize the important roles customers play in every big decision. Every new change has to start and end with the customers in mind.  Due to this, it is important for brands to understand the behaviours of their customers and the best way to analyze their audience is through understanding every interaction a customer has with the brand. Though it may be a tedious task due to its high volume, this data is invaluable to a brand. Not only will they be able to understand what their customers’ needs, wants and pains are, they will also be able to measure how to approach future and potential customers by analyzing data.

There are a few methods of doing this, one being through marketing research such as online and offline surveys, sale reports and demand trends. By analyzing this data a brand would be far better apt at predicting and catering to the needs of their customers, thus proportionately better at retaining their customers as well.

The type of data accumulated through this type of market research can be heavy and difficult to analyze due to it being elaborate in nature. This data can be referred to as Big Data. By using data analytics, we can derive information such as the socio-economic behaviours of customers and their spending habits along with demographic insights. This can then be used by brands in targeting specific products or services in certain areas. Targeting customers can only be done through data and different data can be utilized to gather different information. All of this information can then be used to give customers the best possible experience.

At the end of the day customer satisfaction will depend on how proactive brands are in taking advantage of the information obtained from the analysis of Big Data and applying this information in ways that benefit their customers. In this day and age, the success of a brand will depend on how it chooses to differentiate itself from its competition by truly understanding its target audiences.

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