6 Reasons why PMP Certificate is worth it.

PMP (Project Management Professional) certifications are quickly becoming a popular choice for many fresh graduates and working professionals alike. This is because a PMP certificate acts as a proof of expertise and validates your skills and abilities in this industry. As the name PMP suggests, once you are certified you are considered to be a professional who is ready to work in the industry. The duration that is required to become a fully certified professional  is one of the factors that draws people into pursuing a PMP certificate. This however is just one out of many reasons, as you will soon find out for yourself.

  1. Increases your chances of getting hired

According to a Project Management Institute report, employers will soon need more than three times the current amount of staff working under project management roles. Though the demand is seeing an upwards trend in years to come, the talent at hand is at a bare minimum. This is why pursuing project management is highly recommended.

  1. Keep up with industry trends

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is one to keep up with the latest trends and is always up to date with the changes in this rapidly changing industry. You can rest assured that whatever knowledge you acquire and learn while pursuing this certificate, will reflect the current industry trends and practices. Once you complete your certification course you will be able to become a project manager at any given sector.

  1. Build a strong network

There are 791,448 PMP certification holders currently and they all belong to the highly reputed PMI club. Once you’ve made it into the club yourself, you will come to meet more like minded individuals who all belong to the professional working world. This club is where you build a strong network of industry experts and seasoned professionals who could potentially provide you with more opportunities.

  1. Helps with career mobility

PMP certifications not only act as a guarantor of your skills but also allow for you to expand and grow in your career pathway. If you do not wish to climb the ladder in your field of work, you can always make the switch as PMP’s are needed in every industry.

  1. Add value to your organization

Besides adding value to yourself, a PMP certificate can very well benefit your organization as well. A PMP is someone who oversees operations of all projects and ensures that deadlines are being met while saving money and time. This ensures that no resources are being wasted by any organization.

  1. Earn a bigger salary

A survey carried out by PwC found that individuals who are PMP certified earn up to 23 percent more than their uncertified counterparts. This alone is enough reason for many to be on board with obtaining a PMP certificate.

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