5 Ways to improve Photoshop skills

Photoshop (Ps)  is a great tool for photo editing and graphics creation created by the company Adobe. It is regarded  as a highly functional and versatile tool thus becomes one of the first programmes any creative masters. However, regardless of whether you are a Photoshop wizard or a rookie, there are always ways to improve and upgrade yourself when it comes to using this photo editing tool. On a beginner level there are numerous tutorials on Youtube that go over all the basics such as the tool belt and how each tool is to be utilized.  Once you’ve gotten this down, the next step would be to simply play around with all the tools yourself and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. At this point is where this list comes in handy. Read on to find out 5 ways to improve your Photoshop skills.

  1. Control your panels

Your Toolbar panel and control panel take up a considerable amount of space on your Photoshop interface. Thus it is good to toggle these panels while you’re working to give yourself a clear view of the project you are working on by clicking on the TAB button on your keyboard.

  1. Birds eye view

When you’re doing detailed work such as edge refinement it can be easy to forget that you are working on a bigger picture and not just the edges. At times like this it would be best to zoom out and switch to a birds eye view so that you can see the big picture and decide if you want to continue what you have been doing or if it needs to be changed as you go.

  1. Organize your files

Organizing your files is key if you need to share your work with someone else as it would make navigating through the work folder much more simple. Even if you don’t share your work with others it would still be beneficial for you to clearly label your files and clear out empty and unused layers so that when you come back to your work later you are not at a loss yourself. It is not very difficult nor time consuming to be organized with your work files, in fact it would end up saving you so much more time.

  1. Insert Lorem Ipsum

If you are working on a template that would require a text insert that is not readily available, you can use Photoshop’s Lorem Ipsum which is a stand in latin text. This helps you envision the final look of your work and allows you to have a clearer picture of what you need to do.

  1. Recreate effects you like

This is probably one of the most effective ways to upgrade your Photoshop skills. Instead of trying to come up with something from scratch you could also try and recreate effects that you find online. You will come to find that recreating someone’s work is actually pretty challenging. In this process you may also have new ideas to incorporate to the initial effect giving it a whole new look.

By practicing all these steps along with regularly playing around on the platform, we guarantee that you will be a Photoshop whiz in no time. If you’re looking to further advance your skills  even further you could consider signing up for a professional certificate course in Photoshop with any trusted training service provider such as InfoTrek.

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