How To Fully Utilize Your Free Time?

With most of us working from home as a result of the current pandemic, many of us would have come to find that we have more free time on our hands. From giants like Amazon to smaller scale businesses, we are seeing a shift which allows for more people than ever to work remotely. All this extra time we have poses the opportunity for us to better ourselves. In this blog entry we are going to dive deeper into how to fully utilize your free time to gain more career advantage.

  1. Join weekend classes

Joining classes is one of the most sure-fire ways to gain career advantage. By attending these classes, you will be able to add new skills or even rekindle skills that you may have lost touch with. Learning is meant to be a lifelong process and there’s always something new to pick up especially in our ever evolving world. There are plenty of classes to be joined both physically and virtually. The perk of this type of class is that you get to test the waters to see if classes are your call. Weekend classes are sort of a short term, commitment free and cheaper option that act as a trial.

  1. Take training and certification

A certification acts as a seal of trust that ensures you are adequately well versed in that particular area.

Once you’ve given it a try with weekend classes, or even if it’s always been on your mind, pursuing training and certification is probably one of the most beneficial and effective methods on this list. In this day and age, it is no struggle to find a reputable training service provider to get certified. InfoTrek is one of the most reputable training provider in Asia Pacific. We do everything from consultations right up to preparing you for any and every test with our holistic teaching methods. By getting certified, you make yourself more appealing to both your current employer and any potential future employers.

  1. Attend webinars

The growing popularity we have seen of webinars as of late comes as no surprise. Webinars or online seminars are a great way to spend your free time as it helps you expand your knowledge on things that are relevant to your industry or brand. It is very convenient as you will only require a phone and a stable internet connection. Unlike a physical seminar that takes months of planning, webinars can be done within a short notice.

This helps for the content delivered in a webinar to be more timely and relevant. Besides that, most webinars are conducted with a minimal fee or free of charge! This is because there is no need to cover the costs of other expenses that would occur with physical seminars. With that said, you may want to head on over to Facebook follow us on our page to get the latest details when we run our very own expert led webinars. 

  1. Network

One thing all the most successful people agree on is the importance of building and maintaining a good network. The biggest motivation behind this is due to the fact that you will find being in contact with more people more often than not also brings in more opportunities. Though it is not very easy to network in person these days, there are a number of ways to do so online, with the most prominent one being networking on Linkedin. Linkedin has long gone from a platform for job seekers to meet hiring recruiters and employers.

These days, networking on linkedin is so popular that the platform has its very own superstars. Names like Jeff Weiner, Chantel Soumis and Richard Branson appear on every list of must follow industry shapers, and for a good reason as well. All these people share valuable industry insights and discuss topics that concern those in that field of work. This information that is being shared is invaluable and could definitely help you expand on your knowledge as well.

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