Is a certification in Microsoft Office actually worth it?

Microsoft Certification Journey

Microsoft Office comprises the five main Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. With this productivity suite being used as a baseline in majority industry, it is indisputable why most people tend to opt out of taking professional Microsoft Office certifications. The common misconception is that these applications are not very complex thus do not need to be pursued professionally. This is far from the truth. Although the basic functions require little to no extra learning, the functionality of these applications are more diverse than we know.

What are the Microsoft Certifications offered?

There are three levels of certification that are offered for the Microsoft Office suite being the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), MOS Expert, and MOS Master. Each level does not necessarily touch on different aspects of the application but is much rather an indication of proficiency in the usage of these applications. The certifications emphasize on a mastery of usage and not administration nor installation.

It is understandable that not everyone needs to get this professional certification as some are being complacent and sufficient with the basic functions of Microsoft Office. But, there’s a quote that says

“In training, there is no winning or losing, only learning” – Tucker Max,

you can never think upskilling yourself as any kind of waste. Furthermore, with the acquired knowledge, it will be much more than only experience and learning, it will be a plus point in your resume as a professional skill that you successfully obtained.

Is it worth it?

If you are looking to further your career especially in business, you may want to consider taking the Microsoft Office certification. This is because most employers list proficiency in Microsoft Office applications as one of the main hiring criteria when recruiting. If you have a basic knowledge of how to use these applications, you would probably be good to go. Having a certification would definitely boost your chances of being hired. It is always good to have a professional certification to vouch for your skills.

If you are actively using the Microsoft Office applications, you should look into these certifications to help you be more efficient and productive. Cut the time to work out on a simple task, increase your proficiency in the Microsoft Office applications. It will not only speed up your work process but also improve the quality of your work. Most companies are keen to send their employees for certifications, especially those that brings most benefits to their everyday work.

Look into the right certification that suits your job responsibilities, skill level and go for it! It will be one of the best decision you make for yourself.

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