How to advance your Career

you didn't come this far to only come this far

Imagine, you’ve studied hard and graduated with first honours in your field, researched for the best jobs and managed to land yourself an executive level job at your dream company, life is great. Now, it’s been five years down the road and you’re still right where you started. Not so peachy anymore, right? Believe it or not, this is the story of many working adults nowadays, many people start off and retire at the same position. Make an impactful changes to advance your career.

Of course, some will claim that in today’s job climate, having and retaining a job is a huge accomplishment. While this is true, we also acknowledge the real need for growth and advancement in your career.

For starters moving up the ranks can provide you a thicker paycheck that you may need now due to your growing responsibilities. An upward movement in your career path will also introduce new challenges and keep you on your toes. Eventually, you will be bored with the repetitive work from the same role you carry. The new challenges brought by a promotion could very well do the trick to bring back the motivation and vigor you started out with.

Here is the big questions; how to advance your career? Read on for some helpful tips.

  1. Give more
turn ideas into reality

Every company wants staff who can contribute and add value to the organizational team. Do what you can to show your company you are a valuable team member and would be a good long term investment. One such way you can do is analyzing the needs or shortcomings of your company and addressing them in an objective manner. If you can provide suggestions or solutions that would be even better! This would show your superiors that you care about the company as a whole and not just in your tasks alone.

  1. Upskill
Fuel your passion

Another way to add value to your organization is by adding value to yourself. Look into skill training courses that would help you be better at your job or pick up some new skills that could help you take on new tasks. Let your superiors know that you are ready to handle more challenges with the added skills you have prepared to climb up the career ladder. Most skill training courses and certifications are provided at very affordable rates and have a flexible learning plan. However, Majority is reluctant to take training courses as it might affect their working time, fret not, we are flexible in arranging it at your convenience. We can book a space at your preferred hotel to do the training. Also, you can check with your organization if your skill training course could be sponsored, chances are the answer would be a yes! Check out the extensive list of InfoTrek guaranteed to run courses for 2021.

  1. Ask
You got this!

This is probably the most blatantly obvious, yet many do not do this. Sometimes the best way to secure a promotion is to simply ask. Don’t waste time waiting for your company to notice your skills and contribution and for them to make the offer because it may never come. Work on yourself and once you believe you have done enough to deserve a promotion and are ready to take the next step, arrange a meeting with your superiors and discuss your career progression. Tell them what you bring to the table, or better yet, show them. You should also discuss how giving you the promotion would positively impact the organization as a whole.

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