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Though 2021 has only just begun, we are already seeing the trends that will be shaping this year in the job markets. One job title that stands out from the rest this year is Project Manager. Though it is one of the newer players, this does not undermine the impact that it will create on the job market. With business shifting the way they operate in line with the Covid-19 pandemic. This would mean operating on budget cuts, tighter deadlines and a high risk situation where anything could happen at any given time. Project management professionals are hired to address these very concerns thus why the sudden increase in demand for people with such certification.

In recent research it was gathered that employers will be looking for 2.2 million project managers over the next few years. The demand is great and now is the time for you to jump in on this latest trend. Even if project management is not in your job title it is still valuable for you to pick up this certification to make yourself indispensable to your team. The way to get certified is easy. First and foremost you will need to sit for the Project Management  Professional (PMP) exam by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The test will cover 180 questions and these questions range from multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot, and limited fill-in-the-blank types of questions.The most important thing to note is that ‘real world experience’ will simply not cut it for this test. It would work in your favour to seek professional help in preparing to sit for this test.

What we at Info Trek offer to those sitting for the PMP Exam is a hands on Exam Mock Coaching in addition to hands on PMP training to better prepare you for exactly what you are to face. We give you all the insider tips, from study strategies to answering tactics. Walk into your PMP test with the confidence and surety of passing.

Besides the PMP Exam Mock Coaching, Info Trek has a lineup of other interesting guaranteed to run courses to come this year. Browse through our extensive programme lineup and be sure to sign up as soon as possible as seats are limited. We at Info Trek are looking forward to joining you on your journey towards self improvement and professional growth.

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