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Microsoft Azure is one of the most used cloud computing service. Cloud computing, to put in simple terms, means computer service resources that are accessible through the cloud/internet. These services include the likes of computing services, networking, and storage. These services can be used to develop and test apps and once ready can also be hosted via Microsoft Azure as well. Once your application is up and running you can also use Azure’s machine learning features in whatever configuration you may need. If you need to filter out spam mails or optimize search engine results, this is the way you go. The data that you store on Azure can be analyzed and stored on the service itself. Owning over 54 data storage houses across the globe, Azure continues to dominate the market of cloud computing.

Traditionally, you would need to physically own the right hardware and software when developing an application. You would also need to buy servers to host your programme to make it accessible to users. If your application or programme doesn’t gain traction and enough users to sustain, you would have wasted your money on obtaining these resources. On the other hand, if it is successful you would need to buy more servers to cater to the influx of users which would be an added burden. This is where Azure’s pay to use system comes in handy. There are no payments upfront, you only need to pay for the services you need, when you need them. This would ensure that no resource is wasted as you would be able to access services on demand. Recent surveys showed that 80% of the Fortune 500 companies host their platforms using Microsoft Azure. In fact Azure has been on the radar as one of the fastest growing cloud computing platforms being adopted by businesses.

 With businesses looking to adopt and integrate Azure’s services, now is the time more than ever to dive into it. Obtain a role based certification in Microsoft Azure to help you in your work tasks and become an Azure whiz. With a list of various certificates, you will be able to find ones that best suit your day to day role and align with your level of expertise.

Azure Fundamentals would be a beginners course to understand cloud computing and to understand the services offered by Azure. This would be a general course anyone could take just to understand cloud computing and how you can benefit from it.  Then there are the more advanced developers, architects and engineer certifications that focus on each respective element to make sure you are the best at what you do.

InfoTrek also provides a course on Microsoft Office specialisation to further assist you on your day to day roles and helps you fully utilize the features offered by Microsoft Office thus increasing your productivity.

If your role requires you to compile, analyze and extract data we have just the thing for you! Learn how to fully utilize Microsoft Excel and prepare a simple template to tabulate your data. We don’t just stop there! Take your presentations to the next level by creating stunning PowerPoint slides with us at InfoTrek. Learn how to create easy to understand and visually engaging infographics to get your messages across.

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