Why the Microsoft BI is useful

Microsoft Power BI is a great tool of business intelligence that combines extensive power analytics with an extremely easy user interface making it desirable by individuals and organisations alike. Microsoft Power BI also takes it yet another step forward by offering some of the best data visualization in the market of BI suites. Offering a limited free version designed for individuals and a paid professional version, starting at $9.99 per user for each month, it does lean on the more affordable side of business analytics tools.

Data visualisation is what you call the process of turning numerical data and tabulations into its visual representation for easy referencing. Think pie charts and graphs. This easy visualisation not only helps convert raw data into images but also enables for data to be utilized more efficiently as anyone could use it. There is literally no training or skill set required to operate the platform.

Another perk the Microsoft BI offers is its real-time update feature in which information and data in a dashboard is constantly updated and new information comes in. The sources of this data can be anything from which time sensitive data can be obtained such as social media platforms and sensor data. 

Along with this feature the easy navigation experience that Microsoft Power BI promises to ease the process of report developers in customizing search results for viewers. They can also set up simple security features to ensure that only the intended viewers see the content that is relevant to them. This would minimize the risk of having the wrong people seeing data they should not be seeing. 

If you are familiar with the name Cortana, you would be pleased to know that Microsoft Power BI is integrated with the smart assistant feature enabling you to keep yourself on track with what you have at hand. When exploring the features of Cortana, it becomes more clear that this virtual assistant would be able to help users manage their day to day tasks.

Unlike other Business Intelligence tools, this one is especially convenient for users as you can easily export reports into Excel and PowerPoint files. This feature is available both on the premium and free versions. Unlike Microsoft BI Pro and the Basic, the premium version is not a separate application, but is a feature that gives an organization space and capacity to operate and collaborate data within a shared cloud. If your organization requires a group of people to work with data and its visualisation but do not need them to collaborate on that a Pro version of Microsoft Power BI may suffice but if what you need is a platform where team members can collaborate on a shared set of data, you may need to opt for the premium extension.

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