Automation In Emerging Technology

Emerging technology are new and largely in development, they continue to evolve with the progress of time and discoveries. Some notable emerging technologies are augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and others. Which can be next ‘IT’ thing? They may be no front runner until time suggests otherwise. However, there is another emerging technology in its own league, automation.

In the long history of mankind and industrialization, manual labour has always been a prominent part of our lives. However, as with all technology, manual labour has its own downfalls, and not everything can be accomplished with it. Enter automation, the next phase of technology to elevate productivity at workplace and overall, business performance.

Not every organization are adopters of new technology as recency bias may be present which may hinder understanding of how automation works. While it may appear complex, automation can be utilized to simplify repetitive tasks to boost productivity. A great example is how automation can be used in CRM for marketing.

What is automation all about? Most importantly, how can you and organizations take advantage of this emerging technology? Your answer may lie in this free report.

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