4 Ways How Data Positively Affects Your Business

To incorporate data into businesses or not? Decide after you’ve read this!

Data can be interpreted into a variety of information leading to idea creation and execution. Information such as customer’s purchase behavior, product preference, type of messages and more can be deducted from data itself. These data are used by businesses to create promotions, relevant messages, product improvements and other actions that can entice customer’s purchase.

Additionally, data can also influence decision-making in an organization. Instead of intuition or assumptions, employees who use data to decide on a matter often provide reasons as to why this decision has been made, and what will be the end-result to it. A few aspects on how data can be a helping hand to businesses are such as:

Improved Targeting
By using data, you are able to categorize your customers into different categories based on their product preference, purchase behaviors, demographics and more. This can help to determine what type of advertisements, what form of messages and topics that could hasten up their thoughts on purchasing a product from your business. Through this, you will also be able to see the result of your costs for the advertisements.

Understanding Your Audience
Once you are able to understand which product best suit which group of customers, you will then be able to determine the focus points for each group of customers. With this information, you can put it to use when you are preparing for a production or distribution of relevant goods and services that best suit your customer’s preference.

Improved Conversion Rates
Targeted campaigns drive better conversion rates than large-scale campaigns. With niche targeting in place, your product will be delivered to the right customers with the right messages. This will further entice them to browse about your product and eventually purchase it. While large-scale campaign is better to be used to gain impressions, it does not guarantee much conversion from the audiences.

Enhance Decision-making
Although decisions of the next planned campaigns can be easily made with intuition and past experience, it might not generate a satisfying results to businesses. With the help of data, it serves as a guidance to businesses in determining whether they are heading towards the right direction or something needs to be reconfigured to steer it back on track.

There are many ways how a data can be interpreted into relevant insights for businesses to market their products. On the contrary, we would like to invite you to our upcoming FREE webinar on 29 January 2021 (Fri). It will feature how Big Data Analytics (BDA) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) can affect decision-making in an organization.

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