Certifications To Boost Your Career In 2021 (Part 2)

Still haven’t decide on the right certification for your career? Here’s a part 2!

Choices of certification does not ends with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Project Management, ITIL 4 and CompTIA cybersecurity. So, if you haven’t found the right certification among the ones that were listed in our previous article, fret not, because today, we have another list of certifications coming right up for you. Of course, we have them in-store, so you don’t have to worry about researching the details of the courses, as we have them all written in a single page! Let’s get started.

Windows Server 2019
Managing infrastructure to improve its performance can result in high costing to the organization. With this, by taking on the challenge to obtain a Windows Server 2019 certification, you will be equip with knowledge on basics of administrating Windows Server, leverage on hybrid capabilities of Azure, explore Windows Server Software Defined Datacenter and more. User of Windows Server 2016 will also find relevant information about the courses dedicated to you.
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Red Hat Software
Interested in how to administer and deploy open source software? Red Hat certification might just be the one for you. It highlights the ability of a professional to automate and administer Linux system, installation of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, configuring Ansible, implementing cloud-computing environment and more.
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Agile Scrum
Overcome complexity and lead your team towards efficiency and effectiveness with the help of Agile Scrum methodology. On the route to obtaining your first ever Agile Scrum certification, you will deep dive into the principles and process theory underpinning the Scrum framework, how to maximize product and systems value, create excellent software, implement agility within the organization and more.
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Oracle Database
Specifically Oracle Database 19c, it provides the highest level of release stability and longest time-frame for support and bug fixes. So, with the certification, it equips you with skills needed to manage Oracle multitenant container database, configure Oracle Network environment, techniques to design a personalized interface, and more.
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User Experience (UX)
As organizations are taking their business to the Internet, it has put user experience to the center of attention. With the right user interface, it promotes better user experience resulting in higher conversions and potential customers to the organizations. Hence, by earning yourself a user experience(UX) certification, you will obtain deep understanding about human vision, ways to create winning websites, balancing user performance and visual appeal, and more.
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Like always, if you are still unsure of which certification to pursue, visit us on our website and drop us a message on our live chat! Our professionals will be more than happy to assists you in looking for the certification that best suit your role and career goal.

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