Accelerating Digital Transformation Of Organization

Digital transformation – fad or reality? Like all things, IT has its trends that influences how organizations and people behave. One of such current hypes is digital transformation.

Digital transformation involves integration of digital technology into multiple levels in an organization. The method of how a business operates and deliver value to customers will also be revolutionized. As the transformation originates from the business, it is expected that there will also be a shift in workplace culture.

When it comes to the acceleration of digital transformation, the best framework to boost its adoption is arguably ITIL. Where gap exists between business needs and IT services, the framework of ITIL works by integrating them as one united front. Digital transformation can help business manage digital disruptors as its partners and overall market transition to the other phases as well.

Using an example of a mobile banking app, this free e-book examines how ITIL drives digital transformation further.

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