Expose Valuable Data Using Oracle Big Data Services

Get in-depth insights from your organization’s big data sets with this Oracle service. Find out more here.

Data can come from a wide variety of sources providing business with the insights they need to decide on their next business strategy. Sorting and analyzing the usual data can be done easily through traditional ways, but with Big Data, it is almost impossible for employees to pinpoint and harvest the necessary insights with the same method. This is because Big Data comes in all types of formats which can vary from structured, unstructured text documents, emails, stock ticker data, financial transactions and more.

Big data is large and complex data sets, providing in-depth and valuable insights to organizations, forcing them to take on the challenge in analyzing and visualizing the data. With this, many software companies like Oracle, Google, Amazon, Cloudera and more are providing new innovation solutions to help businesses in processing the big data set. One of the solutions among many others is the Oracle Big Data services which aims to provide business with the capabilities to manage, classify, and process raw data.

Oracle Big Data offers object storage and Hadoop-based data lakes for persistence, Spark for processing, and analysis through Oracle Cloud SQL or other analytical tool of organization’s choice. It is a fully integrated solution for businesses. In Oracle Big Data, organization can use the service to deploy a complete integrated solution including data management, data science and data integration. Analytics team on the other hand, can contribute to maximizing the value of company’s data.

An easy to use service is always a plus point compare to complex navigation of a service. Fortunately, Oracle Big Data offer developers the simplicity of operating and handling the service. It promotes better productivity among developers with a fully managed, server-less, Apache Spark cluster that can be accessible via APIs. Fully managed Hadoop clusters of any size and shapes can be deployed with easily added security and high availability.

With Oracle big data services, organizations are given the freedom to deploy the services wherever they need it to be. Furthermore, Oracle big data services and other Oracle cloud infrastructure services can be utilized in both Oracle public cloud, or customer’s data centers. The flexibility in service deployment has given Oracle big data service even more reasons to be adopted by organizations.

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