Organize & Present Data Easily with Oracle Business Intelligence

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Data has been a huge part of businesses ever since the emerging of technologies. Many business solution providers are constantly seeking for new innovations that can be offered to businesses in an attempt to help solve complex and time consuming processes. As data can be found in different systems of a company, it can be tough and time consuming for employees to go through multiple process to obtain the data they need.

With the help of Oracle Business Intelligence tool, organizations can gain a full range of business intelligence capabilities to adapt an efficient and quicker way when working with data. It also enable businesses to make better decisions as Oracle Business Intelligence tool have the ability to:

  • Compile new data easily
  • Create visualized data for presentation
  • Transmit data in a shorter timeframe

In Oracle Business Intelligence, you will be able to discover these functions that can easily help with sorting data across the organization, such as:

Interactive Dashboards
Provides business with personalized views of internal and external information. It consists of more than one pages that display analyses, Oracle BI Publisher reports, links to website and more.

Explore and interact with information through visualized data that comes in easy-to-understand format which include graphs, charts, tables and more.

Enable automation in your business’ processes with the help of Agents. Not only that, it has an event-driven notification function, conditional event-driven action tools, and the ability to schedule content publishing in advance making it easier for business to plan ahead.

Manage initiatives and objects to align with business strategy by using scorecards. Top off the conclusion by evaluating and determining the overall performance by allocating KPIs in the same tool.

Discover more about the capabilities of Oracle Business Intelligence Tool and how it can help smoothen out business processes with these recommended Oracle BI courses:

No.Recommended Courses
1.Oracle BI 11g and Exalytics: New Features Ed 1
2.Oracle BI 11g R1: Build Repositories Ed 2
3.Oracle BI 11g R1: Create Analyses and Dashboards Ed 5
4.Oracle BI 12c: New Features Ed 1

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