Meet Business Requirements with Oracle GoldenGate

Discover the software that can ease your data integration and migration.

Oracle GoldenGate is a software product that is aimed to filter, copy and modify data from one database to another. You can move committed transactions across different heterogeneous systems in your organization. It also enables you to copy data between Oracle databases to other supported heterogeneous database as well as between heterogeneous databases. Additionally, you can also copy the data to Java Messaging Queues, Flat Files and Big Data.

Organization can use Oracle GoldenGate to obtain data between various different sources, load, distribute and filter transactions within your organization in real-time and allow migration with close to zero-downtime.

Key features of Oracle GoldenGate

  1. Real-time data movement that helps reduce latency
  2. Consistency and improved performance through moveable committed transactions
  3. Multiple versions of Oracle Database are supported as well as a wide range of heterogeneous databases running on several variance of operating systems
  4. Easy configuration and interface
  5. High performance with minimum cost

When To Use Oracle GoldenGate

Database migration
Extracting data from a source database and uploading the records on a target database is called the initial load. It is a migration process that performed only once and with Oracle GoldenGate, it allows your business to run the initial load for data migrations without shutting down your systems.

Integration of data
As Oracle GoldenGate provides real-time data integration, businesses are able to combine data from various sources that are stored using different technologies to provide data overview in one software.

Business progression with high availability
Systems need to be designed with multiple servers, storage and data to allow organization to have high availability in order to support business’ progression. To build this established environment and maintain it, data needs to be moved between various servers and data centers which can be easily achieve with Oracle GoldenGate.

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