Achieving Business App Integration with Microsoft

Easily obtain data overview in one software by integrating your business’ apps.

Business application integration is the new driver of organization goals these days. It helps organization to merge efficient data flow from one application to another giving them the ability to deep dive further into valuable data insights. Adding onto this, it also helps organization to reduce cost significantly and maximize the resource consumption with the help of automation function.

By integrating a sturdy tool with CRM, you can easily improve the capabilities of your systems to streamline businesses operations and processes. An example of a software that could give you the fully integrated experience for your business is Microsoft Dynamics 365. It provides multiple different applications that are integrated into only one software, applications such as Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure and more. The few other benefits of having a business application integration are:

Access in depth data easily
Employees in an organization will be able to access data easily and visualize in-depth data insights efficiently with dashboards. This could lead to a better decision making at any levels in the organization that will eventually lead to further growth of the organization.

Better productivity for employees
Without business application integration, employees are required to duplicate the data from one app to another or await the replies of other departments to get the data they need. This causes inefficiency. However, with the help of business application integration, employees can get the data from within the application whenever they need it.

An overview of valuable data in one software
Having multiple data stored in multiple places will eventually lead to confusion and to gather all the data when it is needed, it will be time-consuming. So, with business application integration in place, organization can look forward to obtaining all the valuable data in just one software and it is especially beneficial for management levels to get an overview of the data easily.

Discover these Microsoft services courses that promotes business integration strategy to organizations:

No.Recommended Courses
1.MB-901: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals
2.PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals
3.AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator
4.AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
5. Collaborating with Office 365
6.55193: Introduction to SharePoint 2016 for Collaboration

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