Survive ITIL Qualification Process Like A Pro

It’s not impossible to get your dream ITIL qualification with the right preparation.

Allocate Time To Study

This should be obvious, but its importance is indisputable that it warrant a honourable mention. One should spend at least 10 hours weekly to revise for the qualification exam. It is recommended that one estimates the amount of hours required to study and find the average amount of time. As most candidates likely hold a full time job, one likely revise after working hours. Finding a good balance can help to reduce burnout without pushing yourself too far.

Take Sample Exam

The download centre of APMG International contain a considerable amount of test exam papers. One is recommended to register and take advantage of the resources to complement their existing study material. There is no billable amount for taking the sample test. In addition, scores are immediately shown so that one can supervise his or her performance.

Focus on essentials

You only have limited time to complete the exam. Should you try to memorize everything? Probably not.

Instead one should attempt to concentrate on key concepts. Most importantly, one should try to understand ‘why’ as opposed to regurgitate everything you learned. It won’t help if the questions attempt to examine your understanding and you can’t apply critical thinking centered on the fundamentals.

Apply real-world knowledge

If you are pursuing the certification, there’s a good chance that you have reached the peak of your career. Since you have on-site exposure, now the challenge is to apply what you learned in theory. The knowledge can help you to succeed because it’s mostly common sense and logic. Considering how you likely achieved task goals in the past, this exam should not be too difficult.

Take professional training

Self-paced learning is less costly and you can do it anytime you want. However, one will likely miss out on essential examination guide and tips in professional training. As the trainer is experienced in your field of study, one can learn new knowledge not outlined in study material. In addition, concepts explained by experts on how it works is certainly better than one trying to figure things out independently.

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