Getting Started In IT Without Formal Degree

A bachelor’s degree is not the absolute way to get hired for IT jobs. IT jobs require plethora of technical skills, and being book smart is certainly different than being street smart. Training and certification are good substitutes to formal education for one to break into IT.

While most jobs may require you to possess a bachelor’s degree as proof of academic qualification, selected jobs such as IT can turn out to be an exception. Not everything can be taught in schools, and practice beats theory when it comes to hardware and software repair. There is no doubt that formal education gives an extra edge but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have one.

Technical jobs rely on skills and experience, as not every solution is can be found in a textbook. Hiring managers want someone who can get the job done. Thus, one’s experience when proven by certification and training can be far more valuable than what you learned alone in college.

What do you really need to qualify for a IT job?

Training and certification – the industry-wide recognizable proof of expertise. Certification is no easy feat, while they may cost less than a bachelor’s degree, the level of commitment required is equally demanding. Authentic training from reputable training centers conduct training which is delivered by certified trainers. Hence, one is safe hands to pursue their goals in diverse IT career path.

Where to get started?

CompTIA Training and Certification

CompTIA training courses are worldwide recognizable IT certifications which provides accreditation to one’s skills after strenuous training and demonstrated the capacity to apply theory into practice. While there is multitude of training variety, beginners are recommended go for CompTIA A+ training.

CompTIA A+ is a fundamental training that proves you are able to solve complex technology problems in a corporate environment. This includes troubleshooting hardware, software, and network issues. Upon completion of this training, one id generally able to qualify to work as help desk technician.

Future Career Path

IT career path do not stop at CompTIA A+. One may also consider other training to expand their roles and specialization. CompTIA also provides certification for aspiring cybersecurity specialist and systems administrator. Training mainly, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ plus others can be considered to advance further for a career in IT.

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