An Overview of Info Trek’s CMCO Campaigns

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23 October 2020. The COVID-19 status of Malaysia is still on the rise till date. As the economy continues to run while employees from certain district are encouraged to work from home, businesses are seemingly running slower than it should be. Despite this, everyone has been working their sweats off just to make ends meet and in an attempt to breakthrough the after-effect of the past pandemic.

Not to mention, many people had previously been laid off from work, especially in the travel industry. With that being said, if you are experiencing this, you should keep your chin up, because a new opportunity will soon be opened for you. Would you believe me if I’d say, the best option you can do for the time being is to enroll in courses that is relevant to your expertise?

1. Upskilling your current skills will add more qualification to your resume
2. Ability to stand out from the pool of candidates on your next job interview
3. Increasing your chances of getting hired

For sure, there are more than these 3 reasons why you should upskill during this CMCO period. So, if you are interested to kickstart a journey to turn the tables on your current situation, check this out. For the whole period of CMCO, Info Trek is running SIX different campaigns with a wide range of participating courses. The promotion are as:

Participating CategoriesPromotion Details
Microsoft (Technical courses only)Get RM200 Grab Vouchers for FREE
Microsoft (Office courses only)Courses start from as LOW as RM49
Windows Server 2019Get RM200 Grab Vouchers for FREE
CompTIAGet RM100 Grab Vouchers for FREE
Agile ScrumUp to RM500 OFF
ITIL4Up to RM1500 OFF
These promotions are subjected to Terms & Conditions from Info Trek.

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