The Catalyst of Digital Transformation – ITIL4

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An evolution of ITIL Certification was introduced back in 2019 namely – ITIL4, an upgraded version of ITIL v3. Originally, ITIL was known as “Information Technology Infrastructure Library” in which it’s main purpose was aimed to help organization to standardize and document a fixed set of operating practices for IT Operations. However, in 2011, ITIL has transitioned from being an acronym to just a stand-alone name.

In regards to the evolution, the framework has expanded it’s IT and service operation to the future by emphasizing on business and technology world with Agile, DevOps and digital transformation, providing an end-to-end IT/digital operating model and more. This would allow IT Professionals and organizations to co-create value in the digital service economy.

After the recent update on ITIL4, it will be able to help organizations that are still depending on process-based approach to move towards a lifecycle focused framework and enhanced the journey with an end-to-end value creation. The evolution of ITIL4 from ITIL3 has also include additional modern practices and approaches to deliver valuable products and services to organizations.

From 26 processes organized according to ITSM lifecycle phases in ITIL3, ITIL4 has evolved to 34 practices whereby each of it may include several processes, loosely organized into three practice types – general management practices, service management practices and technical management practices. Moreover, in comparison to ITIL3 component (the ITSM Lifecycle), in ITIL4 there are two key components namely the four dimensions model and the service value system (SVC).

Now, that is what we call an evolution. Get an in-depth idea on how ITIL4 works as a framework and how it can help your businesses grow by checking out these available courses dedicated to ITIL4:

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