CompTIA Training & Certification Enhance Employability

Trying to get hiring managers to notice you? CompTIA training could be what you just need,

CompTIA Training & Certification

At the most basic level, CompTIA A+ training and certification lend credence to a candidate’s proficiency to be a skilled IT technician. Candidates may opt to progress further with other advanced certification such as Cloud+ and Security+ certifications. This would open pathways to greater job opportunities and a brighter future ahead. How would a certification assist to increase one’s employability?

What’s essential about CompTIA training and certification?

Get Noticed To Fill Open Positions


While the job market might be saturated with job seekers, not everyone is the right fit for the vacancy. Hiring managers know this, and a certification might be a key difference to change their minds. A certification indicates that you have the knowledge and skills to fulfill day-to-day tasks. 

It helps hiring managers to create a good impression of your professional competency. An emerging hiring trend is to include necessary certification in job description to eliminate unqualified candidates. To get a callback from hiring managers, a certification under your belt is crucial.

Stand On An Equal Footing With Certified IT Staff

Most companies IT staff have certifications. A major organization may expand its IT expansion to cloud computing, data infrastructure, cybersecurity, and more. Hence, it would be sensical that it requires staff to upskill and match their expertise with evolving changes in the world of technology. A major consideration is the difference in remuneration packages. Non-certified candidates are unlikely to be paid on the same level as their counterparts. Therefore, one may end up performing the same amount of work like their peers, but they are paid less.

Certification Proves Your Expertise


There is always light at the end of the tunnel when you commit to CompTIA training. A candidate with certification is only likely to get hired, but he/she also is more likely to be promoted. Additional skills and knowledge acquired from certification helped to improve job performance. This subsequently let to better work results that put smiles on employers’ faces. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine why valued certified candidates may find themselves valued and have better job satisfaction at the workplace.

Each CompTIA certification is unique, but what can each specialization create for job opportunities?

Professional training is not enough

A certificate of attendance for CompTIA training may not be sufficient to compete against a certification from an authorized governing body. Every individual may retain different learning outcomes to a varying degree. In addition, hiring managers may not find an elaborate explanation of working experience to be synonymous to expertise. A certification, on the other hand, it is a testament to one’s proficiency, accredited by the real experts in the industry. This eliminates doubt in employers and it could help candidates secure a job.

Certification, in general, has its place in the job market. The same goes for CompTIA certification which knocks down barriers for IT professionals to pursue numerous career paths ahead. To improve one’s employability in IT industry, a certification can help to score a dream job with good prospects.


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