Enhanced Version of Windows Server 2016

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Years ago, Windows Server Administrator are tasks to do the same day-to-day administrative tasks on the server. Although they do a great job at networking and storage tasks, the network and storage team eventually will handle the tasks which result in the Windows Server Administrators to have fairly limited roles in the IT Department. However, what changes all these is the evolution of Windows Server 2016 (Currently Windows Server 2019).

Virtualizing servers have become normal these days and almost everyone is doing it. Running multiple Operating Systems in one single physical machine is a no hassle for IT Professionals. Not only that, virtualized servers are known to be agile, flexible and cost saving than ever before, urging companies to migrate to Windows Server 2016 and other available operating systems out there.

In October 2018, Microsoft released the new Windows Server 2019, an upgraded version of Windows Server 2016. It features an improvement in security – Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that assess common vectors for security breaches and automatically alert users on the potential attacks. Windows Server 2019 also has a built-in security function to help company address a breach model of security management which the Operating System is design to assume servers and applications within the core of a datacenter to have already been breached.

Windows Server 2019 also offers a smaller and leaner ServerCore image that reduces machine overhead by 50-80%. This helps companies to minimize the footprint and overhead of their IT operations and replace more bloated servers with thinner and more efficient containers. Moreover, a company will be able to improve the efficiency and lower the costs of IT investments when they are able to obtain the same functionality in a smaller image.

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