3 Technology Myths We’re Guilty Of Believing

During the digital revolution when technologies are rising and new trends are surfacing, we often heard a lot of myths regarding mobile phones, function in a browser and more. Little did we know, we are influenced by the thoughts of the myths and are carefully doing the opposite in an effort to keep our technologies running smoother and longer. Here are a few things you might be guilty of doing, and the real explanation to it:

Using Incognito Mode means “Anonymous Browsing”
You might’ve used Incognito Mode to browse private websites such as your banking sites and more. Unfortunately, you’re not as invisible as you thought. Yes, there wont be cookies or browsing history recorded in your browser, but your activity are still trackable by your Internet service provider, the government and even hackers.

Emptying the Recycle Bin means “Bye-Bye Files”
When we want to delete important documents, we often pull it to the recycle bin and then proceed to click the “empty the recycle bin” button and would’ve assume it’s gone completely. Well, they’re not. Instead, those files are removed from your pc’s space to make way for new files, which means, there will still be bits of information of all the deleted files in your computer. So, if you thought you accidentally deleted something extremely important and want it back, you can.

Closing Smartphone Apps means “Lower Battery Usage”
This is undoubtedly what most of us do. Although some might reason it to say they prefer to see lesser apps being opened but most of us have this habit because we want our smartphones to last longer through out the day. Unfortunately, it’s a myth. All your daily-use apps running in the background would technically be on standby when you quit the app. This is to enable a faster respond when you re-open the app again. Unless your app went haywire and froze while you were using it, then yes, you can opt to close the app, and it will help to restart it. Other than that, it does not help with your battery life but degrades it as apps take longer time to load.

There you have it. Just a short explanation for 3 myths related to technologies. Aside from this, Info Trek is currently running a poll on our Facebook page asking about the most preferred promotion you have come across. It would be very helpful if you can support us by commenting your vote for the poll. Thanks in advance! As always, Happy Friday and have a great weekend ahead! 😉

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