Organize Data Easily with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Service

Find out how does it differ from other data warehouse services in this blog.

Data in today’s world is very important for an organization regardless of the size. Decision making has gotten to a whole new level with the need for accurate insights in order for business to study the available opportunity and trends to make the next right move. On the same hand, as data grows larger and larger, it will become more complex than before. So, in an attempt to break through the complexity of organizing data in businesses, Oracle has come up with a service called Oracle Autonomous Data Warehousea cloud data warehouse service.

However, you might ask yourself, why Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse? Why not Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift or even SAP Business Warehouse? Well, here’s some explanation to clear your doubts:

Built-in Analytics Support
The Autonomous Data Warehouse is the only complete solution that provides a built-in support for multi-model data and workloads. Users do not have to link it with other services in order to run data, run complex queries across different types of data, visualize information, develop analytical models and more.

Consistent Performance & Concurrent Scaling
The Autonomous Data Warehouse does not require downtime to scale instead, it runs concurrently as the service. Not only that, regardless of the increase in data volume or users, Autonomous Data Warehouse will run with a high and consistent performance as it uses a continuous query optimization, auto-tuning, data summaries and table indexing. So, you don’t have to worry about the service’s performance if you were to add new users in.

Extensive Data and Privacy Protection
Security is the most important thing when it comes to the topic of ‘data’. The Autonomous Data Warehouse has the ability to keep your data safe from both inside and outside of the company. It automatically encrypts data that are at rest and in motion, apply security patches, enable auditing and more. This helps to protect organization against any data breaches, DDoS attacks, malicious insiders and all other possible unwanted cyber-attacks, keeping you at peace when utilizing the service.

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