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Always wanted to do something different for your company? This is it!

Hellooo! Welcome back to our Friday blog once again. So we just got an update from our product team that they will run another free webinar session mainly for Microsoft Office in just the next 3 days! If you are interested, go to this website here >> Website <<. It is 100% FREE, you don’t have to worry about the payment or fees. Webinar starts on 10th & 14th August 2020, I hope you’ll see this blog post before it ends!

Alright, let’s set this aside and move on to the main topic which we are going to share with you about an in-house video production team. If you have never received our newsletter before, you probably never heard of the joint venture between Info Trek Sdn Bhd & The Artifician. Their name is inspired by their strong believe that all the beautiful artwork found in the world are carefully and creatively crafted by imagination of men. That’s what they said.

From product ranging to graphic designing, videography, corporate videos and even short films, they have it all. An example of the production by The Artifician would be Info Trek’s very own short film for Chinese New Year this year. If you’ve not yet watched how the video turned out, you can check out the video here >> Video <<. Also, do tune into their list of short films which are fairly relatable to our daily encounters >> Artifician Video <<.

Well, I hope you did your exploration and are happy with their production as well as how the video turned out to be. Feel free to reach out to them for any project that require their services, and we are more than happy to assist you in it. Also, they are having great deals on hiring a designer, working on graphic design and photography now. So you should really check them out!

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