3 Things About Ansible (Unspecified)

Discover these hidden capabilities of Ansible that you might not know!

Ever wonder if you have fully read through the Red Hat Ansible functions, features, and more? By knowing the tool inside out, you’ll be able to obtain more ideas on how to overcome the obstacles you stumble upon during your automation execution or infrastructure extension. These are the few things you might not know about the Ansible.

It’s more than just a server manager
Often the Ansible playbooks are used to manage and configure servers such as web servers, database servers and more. However, Ansible can also support SSH interface or an API. Additionally, you can also implement custom connection plugins for any legacy devices.

A wide-ranged plugin infrastructure
Ansible can also be extended in many ways such as through writing a custom module, a series of Python plugin interface where you can use it to build custom behaviour apart from just plain modules. Not limited to these, other plugins available in Ansible and compatible with Ansible Tower includes Custom Inventory Plugin, Callback Plugins, Custom Filter Plugins, Lookup Plugins and more.

The playbook control is in your hands
When your playbooks are fully tested and in production, you are less likely to stress about it. But what about during development? You might occasionally find it convenient to skip certain sections of a playbook or step through tasks by tasks to examine the result on a live system. Thankfully, with Ansible, it allows you to do so with just a couple of Ansible playbook command-lines. This way you can fine-tune all the tasks you have and decide if it is to run, or not to run.

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