How To Improve In Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint

A LAST CALL shout out for these Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint courses!

Drawing your ideas on a presentation slide can be challenging and time-consuming at times when there are so many other work to do but yet, the slides have got to be fantastic and eye catching. Adding onto that, the data you include must be logical in order for your audience to understand your approach and objectives. One way to tackle the possibility of a creative, stunning and detailed slides or dashboard would be by attending training.

A selection of courses offered by Info Trek x Quorse only cost as low as RM49/pax! You will be exposed to the ways on how to visualize stunning dynamic dashboards, big data analysis and reporting, make eye catching slides and more. So, then again, how can these few courses be the solution to your problem?

Well, Transforming Data To Decision helps you to organize and summarize large data sets with only Pivot Table. Now you can view your data and make business decisions effectively with the simplicity of the data shown in a table.

Making Eye Catching Slides course on the other hand can aid in adding features and details to your presentation and keep your audience engaged. It includes learning to use the right chart for your data, visualizing infographics content, quick formatting and more.

Adding onto that, there is also the Big Data Analysis & Reporting course whereby you’ll get to learn more on obtaining and transforming data from multiple sources as well as combining multiple tables. Not limited to that, you will also learn how to load a query into Data Model in this course. It will greatly help in your attempt to analyze data.

Hence, we are calling for a LAST CALL on these courses, it ends 9th August 2020. Don’t miss out on this great deal especially for Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint courses! If you haven’t already signed up for it, check it out here:

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