Is it time to consider business process outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a process in which a company hires another company to perform tasks essential to the operations of the hiring company. BPO is normally employed in 2 areas of work: back-office functions, and front-office functions.

Back-office (internal) functions include accounting, human resources (HR), payment processing and more whereas front-office functions involve customer relations, marketing, and sales. Generally, an enterprise opt for BPO in non-core tasks which can be accomplished by external parties. This enables an enterprise to concentrate on subjects which are more important.

There are various rationale to consider BPO. It ranges from increased financial finesse, creating competitive advantage to higher quality of outsourced work. However, when is the right time to consider BPO?

This whitepaper attempts to answer the question and help readers to understand BPO before they reach a conclusion.

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