Chapter 13: Breaking The Ice With Quorse

Together, we achieve more.

Hello helloooo~ Flyday Blogger is in da house! Yes it’s me again. So remember last 2 weeks I’ve shared about how we are having a new team onboard? Just this Wednesday, we have officially made an announcement on our social media! If you missed it, check it out here: You can also watch our official merge video here:

Chun or not our post? 349 likes lehhh so happy, achieve target already YAY! Also, shout out to both Info Trek’s designer(Fittry) and video-grapher(Zaid) for the epic design and video editing. Apparently both of them have been perfecting the post & video for the past 1 week! Fuhlamak lamanya. If you happen to visit our page, drop a like yea 😉

Well, all in all, to break the ice between us, we went to dinner together last night with “a lil bit” of non-halal beverage. Unfortunately, our Muslims colleague could not join us because of that. 🙁 Here’s how it went:

Food always comes first 😉
Sorry Nigel, your face really beh pakai, why you sit there aduii.
Oi Joey, why la you cover your face?

After this picture you can guess what happen lar. Now that’s left is our other colleagues who are not present and Quorse. It will soon be your turn to break the ice with the new team! Until then, Info Trek X Quorse will strive to bring an ultimate training experience to your… company step? Make sure to stay tuned to our latest news and promotions by liking our social media! Happy Friday everyone!

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